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lambus 1n Fetish used to stop rain; consists of long pig’s teeth, and large conical snail shells, placed in one’s kabil; person says “Atuk tagui so biluon on no kabil.” 2v To use something, as a fetish, to stop the rain. Iglambus to uran. It is used to stop the rain.

pungpung 1n A hole in a tree or stump in which water gathers, used as a drinking hole by animals and people. 2A span of about two yards; from fingertip to fingertip; 4 dopas the unit of measure of material or beads. 3Fuzzy knots in kabil drawstrings.

kinabalan see fr.: kabil.

kopù 1n A small bag which has a drawstring on each side used for carrying items such as money or betelnut chew. see: kabil. 2A small basket with lid. made of pulapula, a kind of red rattan which has a design woven in of agsam, a kind of black rattan.

salulu ant: kabil.