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kumumbow n Large black coconut beetle [The kumumbow is a specific for thie coconut beetle. The generic term kamolung “beetle” also applies to this variety. The male kumumbow has horns on its head. Both male and female beetles hiss when disturbed. The larva is an short, fat edible grub called alibutod which is generic for the larva of several kinds of beetles.] see: kamolung.

kamolung n beetle Ka anak to mgo kamolung, alibutod, katod, langgi-on The offspring of the beetle(s) are the alibutod katod [and] langgi-on grubs. [Any of several varieties of beetle, some of which are cultivated for their larva, or grubs. The edible grubs include alibutod, katod and langgi-ion. The pupa stage for each of these is called, kanggò. (The kumungbow “coconut beetle”, is also a kamolung but has its own specific name.)] see fr.: katod; see fr.: kumumbow.