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bala-as 1n A swamp, or swampy area of an uncut field. Ko du-on ka niglanowlanow no woig no konò ogko-oti-an, sikan ka bala-as su warò pad aligbat makamoti. Ko ogkakamot on, ogko-oti-an on no maroyow to homoy su ogmalambog. When there is a shallow mini-lake of water which doesn’t dry up, that is a swamp because it has never (lit. not yet ever ) been cut. When it will be cut, it will dry up and the rice will be good because it will be well developed. [The area is also called bala-as because it is mabbonos (either from being full of weeds or plants.) But the area will dry up if cut so ithen it is no longer called bala-as.] 1.1v To grow [something] in a swampy area. Ogtuga lagboy ka homoy ko ogbalbala-as. The rice will be abundant if it is grown in a swampy area. 2n A stage of growth of rice when it is beginning to bud. [For taller rice, that is when it is about 4 feet high but the height of the rice would depend on the kind sown.]