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olog 1n For something to be fitting or OK with someone, to be the right fit or size, or to be possible or appropriate for a specific occasion or use. Olog nu bua ka so-ini no kinabò. Perhaps this is your size. see: karakoli; see fr.: ongod 2; see fr.: togkad 3. 2adv Possibly Olog bua ko ogpakasamboy a to kuddò nu su oghondiò a to Patil su ogboli a to tambal. Maybe it's a possible that I could borrow your horse because I will go to Patil because I will buy medicine. Konò no olog to ogkasambayan su masakit so pa-a to kuddò. It's not possible to borrow it because the horse's foot is sore. [That is, OK with someone.] 3n Enough, adequate Olog nud ka so-ini no salapì to ogpoko-uma ka diò to Davao. This money is adequate for you to reach Davao. Ka igkarangob on ka no-olog on to nakaboli. The next year the [amount of] corn was enough that it could be sold. see: litos 1. 4n When preceded by ian, it means, the very thing which is fitting for some purpose. Ka mgo bo-ugan, ian olog no litos to sikan ka ogkoimu no maroyow no indanan to olatan to kara tanò no du-on mgo kamunoy. A creek is the very thing which is appropriate to be that which can be made the marker between two fields which have [different] owners. DB Dic Nt May/2006 5v To fit Ka an-anayan no turukan to agoloy ku, katoluan dò no saku ka no-olog to sikan no pinayag ku. From my first corn harvest, only thirty sacks fit in my granary. 6v To be suitable, OK, fitting Du-on otow no ogko-iniat to bogyas. Og-insò to, “Ogko-olog bua to goinawa nu ko ogsaliuan ku to manuk?” There is a person who wants to buy a fish trap. He will ask, “Maybe it is OK with you (lit. suitable to your breath) if I trade a chicken for it?” 7v To try. Ka so-ini no simana to katamanan to Mayo, og-olog-olog a porom to og-ulì diò to Maambago, di nig-ugsul on ka mgo pilitianan to mgo sakayan. This week at the end?? of May, I would like to try to return to Maambago, but the fares to the vehicles have gone up. Sikan ian ogtimulan ta pad ka salapi ku oyow og-olog-olog to pogdatong dio to Maambago. That's why we will increase [the amount of] my money so that it will be enough to arrive at Maambago. 8v test Kò nu og-ol-ologi ka inoy nu su maro-ot. Don't test your mother because it's bad. [If a child disobeyed his mother to go to swim in a deep place someone would say:] 9vs To fit