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sigkon v stop, as of a vehicle, an animal, or person walking Ogsigkon ki pad su no-umow ki. Let's stop for a while because someone has called us. [TA DB says used in Maambago. Not used so often upriver but used more downriver (Maniki, Santo Ninõ area.)] see fr.: sagdok; see fr.: ondang.

sagdok v stand still; stop, as vehicle, animal or person who is walking. Nigsagdok ka batò no no-umow to inoy rin. The child stopped when his mother called. Sagdok ka pà. Stop for a minute. (= Wait up!) Pogdinog dan, kagi, “Sagdok kow. Du-on og-alomud.” When they heard [that], they said, “Stand still. There is something moaning.” [This word seems to be the same as sigkon but in the last example maybe it has the sense of “stand still”??. (ck if these words can be exchanged in all three contexts. Does it mean “don't move?”in the last context??)] see: hagtong; see: sigkon.