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agud cf: hayod; cf: anak 2. 1n The manipulation of a baby\\\\\\\'s position before and during the birthing process. Ko ogkaboros, ogkatapid ka batò ko no-omonu. No ko og-anak on, [ka agud], ian ka igbulig, no igparumaruma ka bolad to talag-uyamu. When someone is pregnant, the baby is positioned when it is not in the right position (lit. if what has happened). And when a person gives birth, [the agud] is the means of helping, by having the hands of the mid-wife accompany [the baby during the birthing process. [This term is used of the process of adjusting the position of the unborn baby during the final months of pregnancy. It is also used of the assistance given during labor when a midwife guides the baby toward the birth canal using gentle pressure with her hands. During that time she may also use her hands to properly position the baby. An Ata Manobo midwife is generally an older female relative who gains her skill and reputation through her own experience and that of others. Some, without formal training become very skilled, even in handling breach births. ] 2v To manipulate the position of an unborn baby during pregnancy or during the birthing process. Si Taganay ka og-agud. Taganay is the one to manipulate [the baby's position]. 2.1v To be manipulated, as the mother’s abdomen when a baby is being moved to the proper position for birthing. Ka gotok ka og-aguron. The [the mother's] abdomen is that which is manipulated. 2.2v To have someone manipulate the unborn baby’s position. Ko oggoramon to inoy to ogmasakit, ogpa-agud. When the mother feels pain, she will have someone manipulate the baby's position.