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talantan v 1To be busy, or occupied with something. [DB says if it is important, it isn't called katalantan or if it is something which you purpose to do, it is not called talantan. If that which occupies you obstructs what you intended to do, thny you have been natalantalan.] cf: balagoy; see fr.: talogon. 2To be distracted. see fr.: aloy 1.

balagoy n To be busy. Ka anggam ku, ogkabalagoy pad to oghimu to baloy rin. Ian oghuno-on to ogsagman. My uncle is occupied by the building of his house. That is what he pays attention to first. Kabalagoy ki. We’re busy. [This implies the person is busy working at something profitable whereas if a person is ogkatalantan he may be occupied with something important or trivial so that he is distracted from what is priority.] cf: talantan 1; see: umalagon.