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bugsong v 1To obstruct, as a path or one's view. [DB comment regarding having words and meanings jumbled/pass by too quickly. (ck TA) DB contrasted this with a view from a mountain top that is unobstructed, straight and clear.] see: atang 2; ant: taloytoy. 2To be hindered as by clutter. Ko oghipanow ki diò to dalan no du-on kayu no napolod no konò ki ogpakabayò, nabugsongan ka ogbaya-an ta. Nabugsongan ka dalan su konad ogkabaya-an to otow. If we are walking on a path and there is a tree which has fallen and we cannot pass by, our pathway has been obstructed. Our path has been obstructed because people cannot get through.; DB 24/Feb/2009 Ko ogkabugsong, konò ta ogkakita-an ka ogkabaya-an. If something is cluttered, one cannot see where he is going. see: bunbun 1; ant: taloytoy1. 3To interrupt. Ko ogkagi a no du-on otow no ogtampod to kagi ku, ogbugsong. Ko og-ampawan din ka kagi rin, igdo-isok. If I am speaking and there is a person who cuts off my speech, he interrupts. If someone overrides [another's words] with his words, it is disrespectful to (lit. belittles) [the other person]. [as when a person's speech is interrupted] 4To be interrupted as of speech, or cut off as of electric current if uf a line has been broken Nabugsong ko du-on kinagian no konò ogka-ayun. [The meaning] is jumbled when there are words which don't fit. Ko du-on abogaru no ogkaro-og no warad igkatabak din, ogkabugsong on sikandin. see: tampod 1. 5To initiate. Ko oghunno-on og-unuk ka langlanguan, no ogbugsongan ka batò ka ogtulin. When the face [of a baby] fills in, then the child's growth is initiated. see: bunsud 1.

gupal v To chop nto pieces as chicken the bones of which are also cut through. Niggupal on woy nigtaladtalad dan on woy impa-abin dan ka ulu to nigbaba to sikan no babuy They cut the meat up and then divided it nto shares and then they had the person who carried the pig on his back take the head. Ko oggupalon ka dulian, ogporion ta. When we chop the dulian fruit, we cut it in half lengthwise. [A heavier knife is generally used to strike and cut the meat or fruit. With chicken and mets, the pieces are chopped crosswise but the dulian fruit is split as it is cut in half vertically.; Contrasts with slicing as meat is struck with a sharp instrument as a heavy knife.] osyn: gotad 1; osyn: gotad 3, pisang 1; gen: tampod 1.

pulpul 1v To cut off straight across Ka suloy, ko gipud on, ogpulpulan tad su og-awo-on ta ka namolù. Sikan ka igpulpul su oyow matulid. A housepost, if it is rotten, we cut it off straight across because we need to remove the rotten part. That is the reason for cutting it off straight across so that it will be straight. [Such as to cut a person's hair straight across or cut off a post at square angles with the grain.There is partial overlap with tampod “cut off” because pulpul has the component of “cut off” + the component of being means “straight” or at “right angles” to the object being cut. A meaning component of the terms pulpul and toptop are that the amounts cut off are small, such as just removing the rotten part of a post or enough hair to be straight.] syn: toptop; gen: tampod 1; osyn: toptop; gen: tampod 5. 2Carved bolo handle, the end of which is cut off square. 3Squared off house posts, also used to describe a sore bottom from sitting a long time.

tompug 1n Chopped off see: tampod 1. 2n A stubby-tailed animal, as a dog, piglet, or chicken. Du-on otow no og-indan to bakotin din, nigtompugan din ka ikug din There is a person who marks his piglet, he will cut off [part of] its tail. [The instrument used to tompug depends on what is being cut off. A knife would normally be used to cut off a tail of a pet but a saw or axe would be used to cut off a piece of a log or lumber.; The tail is only cut off of a puppy because if the dog is older it will die because it will bleed. The tail may be tied tightly with nylon to cut off circulation or be cut off with a knife. However, cutting off circulation causes swelling which is very painful for the animal.] 3v To cut off, as a piece of wood Du-on otow no nigtompug to oglosungon din no sagboka rò. There was someone who cut off [a piece of wood] which he would make into a single mortar. syn: tampod 1. 4v To cut in pieces of something in specific lengths, such as wood Du-on otow no ogpantompug to og-atopon din no langilan. Someone who is cutting lengths of langilan wood for a roof. Ko ogtompugon, ogmalopotlopot dò to pogpanampod. Sintun When we cut [something] into lengths, we just repeatedly cut them short.