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agum 1n The pattern formed during the intial stage of weaving a basket. Ka pogbatokbatok, sikan ka agum. The forming of the pattern [of a basket], that is the agum. 1.1v The initial stage of beginning to weave a basket which includes the formation of the pattern of the basket. Ogbunsud to oghimu to liang. Agad nokoy kalasia no liang, sikan ka og-agumon. One begins to make a basket. Whatever kind of woven basket, that is the initial stage of weaving a basket. [One takes certain strands with each hand and begins to weave them together. This term apparently applies to any type of basket but it is at this stage that the pattern is set.] 2v To teach someone how to weave a basket. Og-a-agum si Buntit to liang no ogpabantayon din ka og-anaron din. Buntit is teaching someone how to weave a basket and she is watching the one she is teaching,

bungkù v 1To come to an end, limit; boundary. Ko hondo-i ogkataman ka hikot to asu, du-on dò ogbungkù. Wherever the tether of the dog ends, that is where he will be limited. Du-on otow no nalagak ka salapi din no darua no gatus. Nigbungkù dò du-on to namanghò di warò din on kita-a. There was a person ho lost two hundred [pesos] of his money. He came to an end of looking for it but didn't find it. 2Give up on someone or something, as when an action proves futile Ko du-on duma ta no du-on batasan no konò ogkabalowbalow, ogbungku-an tad ka og-anad kandin to maroyow. If we have a companion who has conduct which cannot be changed, we sgive up on teaching him [to do] good. 3To run out of options, as a doctor who cannot treat an illness. Nigbungku-an on to doctor si Ann Joy. Agad ko du-on ogkoimu on dan to ogpangabang, ogkamatoy rò sikandin. The doctor gran out of options for Ann Joy. Even if there was something they could do to save her, she would still die. see: tawad 1; see: taman 1. 4To allow to go so far and no farther such as when cutting a field. Ka otow no ogkakamot, du-on patamanan din ka ogpo-ilisan ka kamot din no ian ka pabungku-an to kamot din. A person who is making a field, has an ending of the edge of his field and that is how far he will ballow his field to extend. [It may not be the boundry of his property but it is the farthest extent to which he will have his field cut.] 4.1To set a limit. Ka lubid to asu ka ogpakabungkù oyow du-on dò ogkataman. The rope is that which is setting a limit it so that it will not go any farther.