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olin phr.: ogpo-ol-olinoy ka ogpohulhuliroy. 1adv Whole group, all. Ka andi-andì, sikan ka olin no boi no mgo batò no oglili-ag. The ones who say, andi-andì are those who are all girls (lit. female children) who are playing. see fr.: tibulus 1. 2v To marry someone who is closely related, that is, to commit incest. Ka ogmo-ol-olinoy, ka og-asawa to marani rin dò. The one who commits incest is the one who marries someone who is closely related. [This is considered to violate the anit taboo and is believed to cause death or deformity in the family. (If it is a father who violates his own child they would say, Og-unoy to anak din.) A person who commits incest against a child by marriage or his own children may be killed by a relative of the one violated.]