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bonnal 1n An accusation. Ko tu-tu-u ian ka bonnal to nakasalò, ogbotad dan on ka nakasalò to husayan. If the accusation is true that [a person] has done wrong, they will pay up front for the settlement of one who has sinned. [The leaders of the village will collect what is needed to settle the issue if the person accused doesn't have mon] 2v To make an issue or accusation about something; such as when someone takes a comment to be an insult so wants payment for the allenged offense. Ka ogbobonnal, du-on songo otow no ogkagi no ogmohushusayoy on. As for the person who makes an issue about something, someoneelse will have to speak in order to make a settlement [for the issue.]. 3To be convicted; to establish guilt Ogpatigda-an to kagi. Ogkabonalan on. Konò ogpakatabak ka otow. [They will use] speech that hits the mark. It will establish [the truth of the matter. The person cannot answer back. 4v To demand a retribution for assumed guilt such as ridicule or for not keeping an appointment; a forfeit. Ka otow dongan, konò ogkali-ag su maga-an ogbobonal no ogbuyù to dakol no ighusoy. As for people long ago, they weren’t able to play because they would be quick to demand retribution and then would ask for a large settlement. [Would apply to demanding payment for any other real or assumed fault. In the culture, if a stranger hears laughter he may assume that he is being ridiculed and demand anything in payment. If not given he may instigate a raid on the village or kill someone. If an animal is given scraps from someone and the animal dies, he may demand payment for the animal.] 5v For something to be forfeited as compensation for a loss. Ko du-on igholon ku to nati to kalabow di ko konò ku ogkato-od to igbayad, konad ig-ulì ka inkoholon ku no salapì su igbonnal on. If I have made a deposit on a carabao calf but I cannot follow through to pay for it, the money I paid to hold it will not be returned because it will be forfeited [as compensation to the owner of the carabao.]