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ungod adv 1to do constantly, always or frequently (continually??) Ko du-on ogko-iniatan no ogpangasawa, og-abalangon. Og-alukuyon ungod ka amoy taman to ogho-o on. If someone wants to get married, he will pursue it relentlessly. He will constantly discuss it with the father until he says yes. [DB says the young man in the following example will keep going back to the father to discuss the issue again until the father gives in. In this context, the ungod “constantly” means the young man will keep going back to the father.] syn: layun. 2frequently, repeatedly Ka sika abalangon, ungod oglibonglibong taman to ogkapurut din ka ogbuyu-on din. As for that person who is persistent, he keeps coming back until he is able to get that for which he was begging. Ko nalugoy on no ungod kandin ogpanakow, natagaan on to mgo otow no malogot to kandin ka nigpurut. When it had been a long time and he was repeatedly stealing, it became known by the people that it was true that he was the one who had taken [things]. [In the following example, the reduplication of the word oglibonglibong means to “repeatedly come back”. However, in English, to “keep coming back” already means “repeatedly” so it would be redundant to say, “keep repeatedly coming back”.]