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malogot 1adj True, correct Ko nalugoy on no ungod kandin ogpanakow, natagaan on to mgo otow no malogot to kandin ka nigpurut. When it had been a long time and he was repeatedly stealing, it became known by the people that it was true that he was the one who had taken [things]. [This is often used as a response to verify that something stated is true or correct. It is also used when evidence has shown something to be true as in the following example.] see fr.: tigus 1. 2v to verify, witness to, or testify that something truly happened, or was done Ogpakanangonnangon koy to igmalogot. We have to tell that which will verify [that something is true]. Ogpakapamalogot ko tu-tu-u to pigsabukan to gamut. [One needs] to prove whether it is ture that someone was poisoned. 3v to use something as a token or guarantee [Buntit gave a bolo to Buliung to verify that she was having him build her house and to guarantee that she would pay him for that task. ck LA re interpretation of text. (text BB Sent. 28 uses andal but it is in same context. ck TA)] see: igmaganangon.