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tompug 1n Chopped off see: tampod 1. 2n A stubby-tailed animal, as a dog, piglet, or chicken. Du-on otow no og-indan to bakotin din, nigtompugan din ka ikug din There is a person who marks his piglet, he will cut off [part of] its tail. [The instrument used to tompug depends on what is being cut off. A knife would normally be used to cut off a tail of a pet but a saw or axe would be used to cut off a piece of a log or lumber.; The tail is only cut off of a puppy because if the dog is older it will die because it will bleed. The tail may be tied tightly with nylon to cut off circulation or be cut off with a knife. However, cutting off circulation causes swelling which is very painful for the animal.] 3v To cut off, as a piece of wood Du-on otow no nigtompug to oglosungon din no sagboka rò. There was someone who cut off [a piece of wood] which he would make into a single mortar. syn: tampod 1. 4v To cut in pieces of something in specific lengths, such as wood Du-on otow no ogpantompug to og-atopon din no langilan. Someone who is cutting lengths of langilan wood for a roof. Ko ogtompugon, ogmalopotlopot dò to pogpanampod. Sintun When we cut [something] into lengths, we just repeatedly cut them short.

tampod 1v Cut off. [This seems to be generic as the length of the object which is cut or how much is cut off may vary and whether straight or at an angle, does not matter. If a small amount of hair is cut off, straight, pulpul is used, but if a lot of hair is removed, or if the style is tapered, the word would be tampod.] see fr.: tompug 1; spec: gotad 3, gotas, logtas 2, pulpul 1, gotad 1, gupal, logtas 1; see fr.: kotu; see fr.: bugsong 4; syn: tompug 3. 2v Terminate. see fr.: bongkag 4.1. 3v That which is used to cut something off. Ogsamboy a to gabas nu su igtampod ku to kayu. I will borrow your saw because I will use [it] to cut off[the ends] of wood. 4v To become inadvertenty severed or cut off. Ko ogkatangkoban ka dilò, ogkatampod. If the tongue is clamped down on [by one’s teeth], it may become inadvertantly severed. Natampod ka kayamoy no tindalikday ni Igi. Igì’s middle finger was inadvertently cut off. Ko nakabayò ka gakit to mababow, ka balagon no ingu-os, natobtob woy natampod to batu. When the raft passed through the shallow [water], the rattan which was used for holding it together was chewed off and severed by the stones. 5v To interrupt, or cut off, another's words. Ko ogkagi a no du-on otow no ogtampod to kagi ku, ogbugsong. Ko og-ampawan din ka kagi rin, igdo-isok. If I am speaking and there is a person who interrupts my speech, he messes it up. If someone overrides [another's words] with his words, it is disrespectful (lit. belittles) [to the other person]. spec: toptop, pulpul 1. 6vs To be interrupted as to be a different color as from the middle, as of a tail where the color is interrupted. Ogkatampod to mapotì ka ikug to ambow no kawwilì. The [color of the] tail of the kawwilì rat becomes white about midway (lit. is interrupted by white.). 7n An instrument used for cutting/sawing off something Du-on gabas noy no tatamporoy to atop. We had a saw which was an instrument for cutting off the roofing. 8Just a portion of a piece. 9A division of something. 10Upriver or downriver division of the river. (1) Maambagu, Kapugi, Mansalinow; (2) Togop, Banualoy, Langilan Panamporon ka kayu su iglaras dio’t dibabò. The trees are sawn in portions to be sent downriver. (Logging)