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balut v To wrap something up in cloth. Du-on boi no nigpunpun to linobaan din no ogbaluton din to tol-ob. There was a woman who gathered her laundry together and wrapped it in a blanket. [as when gathering laundry and wrapping it in a larger piece of cloth which is folded over and tied at opposite corners and carried back to the house.] see: tongos 1.

bako-us 1v To wrap up and bind together, as meat. Ogku-on noy no babuy no ogbako-us noy on no ogbanggutan to balagon ka natongos on. We take the [cut up meat of] the pig and wrap in portions and bind with rattan that which has been wrapped up [in leaves]. [Used especially of large portions of meat or fish which are wrapped in leaves and bound with rattan so they can be carried home on a person's back or suspended from a strap across ones' forehead. Would also apply if a sack or plastic were used if it is bound. Would not apply to carrying things that are not eaten.)] 2deriv n A portion of fish or game that has been wrapped and bound. Tagsagboka no otow, du-on ka kandin no binako-us. Each person has his own bound portion [of meat]/.

kanggò n The pupa of various insects such beetles, bees, flies or cicadas. Ka kanggò, ogtotongos to ogko-ugpa-an. The pupa wraps [itself] up in a dwelling-place. [This is the stage where the creature usually has some kind of casing or as the beetle larva which wraps itself in a leaf.] gen: alibutod; spec: katod, langgi-on.