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antuliow 1n Black and bright yellow bird, similar to oriole. 2adj a bright yellow [As a color, it seems to range from bright yellow to a bright green, such as chartreuse.]

tulì v circumcize; dorsal slit [Ata Manobo people often circumcize, or perform a dorsal slit on the penis of boys when they are around 4 or 5 years old to 10 years old.] see fr.: batad.

bugsong v 1To obstruct, as a path or one's view. [DB comment regarding having words and meanings jumbled/pass by too quickly. (ck TA) DB contrasted this with a view from a mountain top that is unobstructed, straight and clear.] see: atang 2; ant: taloytoy. 2To be hindered as by clutter. Ko oghipanow ki diò to dalan no du-on kayu no napolod no konò ki ogpakabayò, nabugsongan ka ogbaya-an ta. Nabugsongan ka dalan su konad ogkabaya-an to otow. If we are walking on a path and there is a tree which has fallen and we cannot pass by, our pathway has been obstructed. Our path has been obstructed because people cannot get through.; DB 24/Feb/2009 Ko ogkabugsong, konò ta ogkakita-an ka ogkabaya-an. If something is cluttered, one cannot see where he is going. see: bunbun 1; ant: taloytoy1. 3To interrupt. Ko ogkagi a no du-on otow no ogtampod to kagi ku, ogbugsong. Ko og-ampawan din ka kagi rin, igdo-isok. If I am speaking and there is a person who cuts off my speech, he interrupts. If someone overrides [another's words] with his words, it is disrespectful to (lit. belittles) [the other person]. [as when a person's speech is interrupted] 4To be interrupted as of speech, or cut off as of electric current if uf a line has been broken Nabugsong ko du-on kinagian no konò ogka-ayun. [The meaning] is jumbled when there are words which don't fit. Ko du-on abogaru no ogkaro-og no warad igkatabak din, ogkabugsong on sikandin. see: tampod 1. 5To initiate. Ko oghunno-on og-unuk ka langlanguan, no ogbugsongan ka batò ka ogtulin. When the face [of a baby] fills in, then the child's growth is initiated. see: bunsud 1.

pulpul 1v To cut off straight across Ka suloy, ko gipud on, ogpulpulan tad su og-awo-on ta ka namolù. Sikan ka igpulpul su oyow matulid. A housepost, if it is rotten, we cut it off straight across because we need to remove the rotten part. That is the reason for cutting it off straight across so that it will be straight. [Such as to cut a person's hair straight across or cut off a post at square angles with the grain.There is partial overlap with tampod “cut off” because pulpul has the component of “cut off” + the component of being means “straight” or at “right angles” to the object being cut. A meaning component of the terms pulpul and toptop are that the amounts cut off are small, such as just removing the rotten part of a post or enough hair to be straight.] syn: toptop; gen: tampod 1; osyn: toptop; gen: tampod 5. 2Carved bolo handle, the end of which is cut off square. 3Squared off house posts, also used to describe a sore bottom from sitting a long time.