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u-ud ?? see fr.: tipù 2.

tipù 1v To cut off, as the end of a camote which has tiny roots. 2deriv n The stem of a fruit, such as the pangi, or an apple. [There is only one tipu-an “stem” of a pangi fruit, DB says the stem of the pangi fruit namolù “becomes spoiled” when the fruit is ripe. If unripe, the pangi fruit is poisonous. (This stem is not called pakow which applies to some other plants.)] see: u-ud ??. 3deriv n tip, as of a sweet potato Ko ogko-inug on ka tipu-an to pangi, litos no ogku-on ta woy ogkagatan woy og-amulan. If the end of the pangi fruit is ripening, it is right for us to take [it] and eat and suck and chew the fruit off of the seed. Tipu-on ?? to mundù. [Rootlets??] on a camote. [This applies to the tip where the stem attaches or opposite tip where the roots grow.]