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tu-ug to uak A kind of shrimp. [The black ones have a white band. Others are white with a black band.] gen: ulobang.

alimbual n A wave or breaker, as on the beach; the result of a strong current which splashes or breaks against the rocks. [DB describes this like when there is a whirlpool and the water strikes the rocks and rises and splashes. He would say that the Nigtaplak ka luak no nakasawig diò to ampow ie against the ship. DB 18/Jan/2006] gen: luak.

sulak 1v To boil over. [The water, or liquid, leaves the pan when it boils over. DB says meaning is not related to whether the liquid foams or not.] 2osyn: salibuak. 3Waxy cone plant.

ulobang n Any kind of shrimp or crayfish. Tobtobi nu ka ulobang. Bite off [the tails] of the shrimps. [Generic for any kind of shrimp, lobster or crayfish. Shrimp have vertical tails and get air from the water. Crayfish and lobsters breathe air like a crab and have tails that fan out. There are many specific names which include many kinds of shrimp, lobsters and crayfish.] spec: karugukduguk, lombu-u, mangalow, salanggungow, sangal, ayagad, agal, tu-ug to uak, bukotut, tibogow 2.