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mata to ubud₂ phr. of: ubud. eye (or tip) of the palm heart [This is the tip at the end of the ubud which, in the case of the banga palm is yellow and is poisonous though the lower part of the palm heart is edible.]

ubud phr.: mata to ubud. 1n Palm heart [The palm heart or soft center of many palms and some other plants are edible including the following palms: pula, hugyup, kaglas and niug “coconut”, some rattans as palasan, tubu, anokot, pulitì. Also the center of the banana tree is also called ubud and is edible. However, the palm heart of some other palms and rattans such as the ka-anan are poisonous.] 2v To fetch edible palm heart. Ogpanubud ka? Are you going after ubud? 3adj Of people who are very ambitious to go after palm heart. 4Very white-skinned person.

anibung n 1A thorny palm which has an edible ubud heart. 2An area which is full of anibun palm trees. 3Kind of mottled rice.