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butotoli n Kind of small bird.
butung v 1A purchase transaction, especially of an expensive item such as a horse, beginning with the initial inquiry through to actual payment and receipt of item if the price and other conditions are right. Ko ogtu-uron nu to ogbutung, og-inso-on nu woy ko igbogoy, ogbolion nu. If you purpse to make a spurchase transaction, you will inquire and if [the other person] will give it, you will buy it. 2To make several purhase transactions as someone who is preparing for a marriage. 3To successfully make purchase transaction. Ko ogbogoy, ogkabutung nu ka nati to kuddò. If the [other person] agrees, you will make the purchase transaction.
butut 1n Scrotum. 2adj Short and squat.
buus n New material (for patadyong). Buus pad no manggad. It is still new material.
buyag 1n An older person; adult. see fr.: sangkod. 2adj Old. 3adj grown up 4adj mature see: tibug 1; see: sangkod. 5adj Very old. 6adj Older; oldest. 7n Ruler, chief. Diò to kanami, woy ogkatahuron noy ko noimu on no pogbuyagon. In our place, we don't show respect [to someone] unless they have been made a leader. 8deriv n Ancestor.
buyagoy (poet.) v To spill out and scatter as rice spilled from a basket. Nabuyagoy on ka homoy diò to liang; nabus-ug on no nakatkat diò to tanò. The rice was spilled and scattered from the basket; it was spilled and then scatterd on the ground
buyokung n Large conical land snail, carried shell with it.
buyukung n Large land snail. [not eaten by people but eaten by pigs.]
buyukut 1v To curled up as monkey when sleeping. see: popokù. 2vs To be bent over as a person whose back has become hunched over. see: pokù 1.
buyù 1v Ask for something; request; beg Ka mgo balubatò woy ka mgo dalaga, ko du-on ogko-imaan no bali-og woy ko binuklad woy ko tikos, maga-an ogbuyù. As for the unmarried men and the unmarried women, if there is a necklace or a bracelet of a leg band which they covet, they will be quick to ask for it. see fr.: bogoy 3; see fr.: abalang 3. 1.1v To request or beg for something from someone. Ka sika abalangon, ungod oglibonglibong taman to ogkapurut din ka ogbuyu-on din. Ogko-iling to ogkapogos ka ogbuyu-on din As for that relentless pursuing, [an unmarried man] keeps coming back until he can obtain that which he is requesting. It is like the person from whom he is begging is being forced [to give]. It is like the person from whom he is begging is being forced [to give]. 2n Beggar.