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balus 1v To whittle rattan. 2Pencil sharpener.
balut v To wrap something up in cloth. Du-on boi no nigpunpun to linobaan din no ogbaluton din to tol-ob. There was a woman who gathered her laundry together and wrapped it in a blanket. [as when gathering laundry and wrapping it in a larger piece of cloth which is folded over and tied at opposite corners and carried back to the house.] see: tongos 1.
balutan n An empty flour sack.
balutu n Canoe.
baluy 1n Material used for making mats; a sleeping mat. 2v Become, change into something else, be transformed. Ogbaluyan ka ibung. It will change into yaws. Baluy no singgalun ko miow. The cat changed into a wildcat. 3v 4n Small male rat.
banga n A palm tree which has an inedible, poisonous heart. Its wood is useful as flooring. [Apparently, some part of this plant can be used as an alang or plant treatment.] gen: alang 2.
bangagon n Beard on cheeks.
bangalug 1n A pass, or valley between the slopes of mountains or those of a canyon Ka taliwarò to darua no bubungan, sikan ka bangalug. An [area] between two mountains, that is a pass. 2v To dip or create a valley between mountains. Ka tanò ligkat to songo bubungan, ogbangalug to bunsaran to dangob no bubungan. The ground from one mountain, creates a valley over to the slope of the other mountain. [This is a low area which may or may not be napù “flat”.] 3n A channel, groove or ditch, where water passes. [whether manmade or made by the water itself.] 4v To make a channel or ditch for the passage of water. Diò to tanò ku, nigtikù ka bo-ogan no ungod ogtabal ka tanò. Ka tu-ud ku, oghimu a to dalan to woig no igbangalug oyow ogbot-os ka woig. On my property, there is a curving stream which always makes the soil collapse. My intention is to make a pathway for the water to channel it so that the water will go directly across (lit. short-cut). 5v To follow the channel of a creek or travel the pass between mountains Du-on otow no ogpaginbangalug no ogbayò no ogtakorog on ko oghondiò to bubungan. Some people follow a creek when they travel and go uphill when they go to the mountains.
bangan 1n Flint stone used for starting fire. Malalab ka batu no bangan. Oghimuon noy no tingkikan. The flint is a red rock. We make it into a device for starting a fire. 2v To intercept, as a guard intercepts an enemy or as one missel would intercept another, preventing it from reaching its target. Ka otow no ogbangan, ogbantoy to dalan no ogkabaya-an to igbuyag dan. The person who intercepts [an enemy] watches the path where their leader will pass. see: gopas 1. 3v To be intercepted, as by the raiders if they got to the trail first, or as one airplane might be intercepted by another. Ko ogbanganan, og-atangan ka ogbaya-an to mangayow. If [one] is intercepted, you are blocked when you pass by way of the raiders. 4n A body guard Ko du-on igbuyag noy no oghipanow, du-on ka hon-om no talagpamangan. Du-on ka oghun-a woy du-on ka ogmourian. Ogpataliwarò ka igbuyag dan. Ko du-on ka oggopas to sikan no igbuyag, ian ogpangabang ka talagpamangan. If we have a leader who is traveling (lit. walking), there are six bodyguards. There are those who precede and those who are last. They have their leader in the middle. If there are those who ambush that leader, it is the bodyguards who defend/rescue him.
bangbang 1n A knotch in wood such as a step on a pole ladder. 2v To make knotches such as in a house pole or coconut tree or in palm wood for cultivating edible grubs. Ka alibutod, ogbangbangan; oggalongon. As for grubs, one makes knotches in [the wood]; it is grooved. [Various kinds of knotches are made for different purposes and have different names.] see fr.: galong 2; spec: golì.
banggal 1v To throw or toss. Ogbanggal to batu. He throws a ball. see: tugdò 1. 2v Throw [something] at someone or something. Nigbanggal to batò ka duma din. The child threw [something] at his companion. 3v For many to throw something at one another. Ogmabangbanggaloy ka mgo batò to bagal. The children are throwing corncobs at each other. 4That which is thrown. Inbanggal ka manuk diò to tanò. The chicken was thrown to the ground. see: dogpak 1.
banggas n A fern-like plant which has hairy body and stems. [Could be used as a decortive plant.]
banggat n A kind of weed with a long tap root, thorny leaves and vine-like branches that spread in all directions.
banggot n A deep scar or depression in the flesh left from a former wound. Nabanggotan ka paa to otow su napolod to motor no natutung to tambutsu. The person was left with a deep depression [in his flesh] because a motorcycle fell over and [he] was burned by the muffler.
banggut n Tie up in a bundle. see: bagkos 2; spec: bolodbod, gotol; see fr.: kodkod; osyn: kodkod 2.
bangì v To be afflicted with a sinus-like headache which is believed to be caused by someone withholding information such as an intention to marry. Ka otow no natokow to masakit ka kiloy rin, ogbangi-on sikandin. The person who is taken by surprise that his/her eyebrow hurts has a sinus-type headache.| Bangi-on a. I have a headache.caused by withheld information. [Pain may be on one side of one's forehead or shift to the other side,sometimes extending down over one's eye. The sufferer may attribute his/her pain as a sign that there is some circumstance, such as an unannounced intention to marry, of which he/she has not yet been informed. If he/she becomes aware of such a circumstance, he/she will request a coin or a button from that person to rub on the hurting forehead so the headache will go away.]
bangkalow 1n A hoop, such as a rattan one which is thrown or a plastic one which is put around the waist to twirl. Ka bangkalow, balagon no oglangkungon to ogmalibusonon, no igbangkalow to pogliid no ogsabo-on to ogpilak ka ogli-ag no mgo batò. A hoop is [made of] rattan which is wound in and out into a circle which is tossed to roll and is caught with a thrust of [of a stick] as the children play. 2v To throw a hoop so that it rolls. Koddì ka ogbangkalow to sikan no balagon no nalangkung. I’ll be the one to roll the hoop of coiled rattan. [This is a game where one person throws a hoop so that it rolls. Another person tries to catch it with a stick through the center. If he fails, he will be the one to throw it next.] 3v To roll as a hoop which is tossed 4n A kind of sugarcane with a grey, hard outside layer [There is a another kind called bakalawan to ubal “hoop of the monkey” which is a hard sugarcane and can only be chewed if the hard surface is shaved off.] 5v The run or walk of a lizard. ??
bangkawan cf: kinawow. n Mountain term for a woven rattan chicken carrior that is open at each end for the head and tail to protrude. Ka bangkawan, sikan ka kinawow no ogsabukan to manuk ko og-alap on. A woven rattan chicken carrier, that is a chicken carrier in which a chicken is placed when it is carried [somewhere]. [The chicken is inserted or removed from the rear which is wider than the front.]
bangkà n Canoe.
bangkung n Type of long curved knife similar to machete.
bangow n rainbow see: baluntu; see fr.: baluntu.
bangò v Carry in mouth, as an animal.
banban n A plant with smooth, flexible stems which has a soft, spongy core. Ka banban, malunung ka lawa rin, mallayat ka banoy woy du-on dabuk to lisuwan. Ogkagamit to igbatok to lirong. The banban plant has a smooth body, long spaces between joints and has a soft, spongy core. [It is used for decorating such as woven winnowing baskets.]
bandil v Play two instruments together.
bandog v To strike, or hit as light strikes an object. Ko ogsilò ka bulan, ogkabandogan ka lawa ta to layag to bulan, du-on alung ta. When the moon comes up, our bodies are hit by the light of the moon, we have a shadow. see fr.: bantang 4; see: sugat.