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barut v 1Uproot, pull up. Nabarut ka pangamuton no nagangu diò to pantad no naligot ka na-alap diò to ampow. Dried out plants on the beach were uprooted and whirled around as the were carried upwards. see fr.: bagnus. 2To pull out as a tooth. Ko ogsilsilon, ogmo-omul no ogkabarut ka ngipon. If [a tooth] is chipped off, it will be made easier to pull out the tooth.
basa 1v Read. 2n Something that is read, such as a book.
basag adj Hard, as wood. Ka woig no Liboganon, makopal ka mgo tibogow diò to napu no mabasag ka lawa rin. [As for] the Liboganon river, the cane there in the flat area is thick and its body is hard.
basak 1n Soil, mud. 2adj Dirtied with dirt ?? 3adj Muddy.
basal v To play a rhythm on a log, a drum or a can using sticks or one's hands., whether for ceremony, a march or just for fun. Ko du-on otow no ogmahihinang ungod dan ogbasalon ka gimbal. Ka gimbal no ogbasalon ungod oglisagon. If there are those who are having a [saacrificial] ceremony, they constantly play a rhythm on a drum. The drum which is played is beaten [with sticks/one's hands].
basbas v To teach to a person or animal how to do something. Du-on otow no ogbasbason din ka asu rin to ogpammuod to babuy no magintalunan. There is a person who teaches his dog how to hunt for wild pigs.
basikal n To release, as a trigger of a trap. Ko du-on ogsagad no babuy du-on to balatik, ogkabasikal ka bagwanan no ogkapilak on ka babuy no magintalunan. When a pig is caught in a pig trap, the trigger is released and the wild pig is pierced. see fr.: bokas 2.
basiow n The hard, intact outer shell of a dead palm tree left after the pulp has rotted out. Tibò no du-on bonsag, ko ogtaman on to ogbogas, ogkamatoy on no basiow ka ignagaran su ka lisuan din, ogkamolù on; oglungagon on. All palm trees (lit. all which have [hard] palm wood), when they finish bearing fruit, they die and basiow is what it is called because the inner core is rotting; it is becoming hollow. [which used to make axe handles, spears, flooring and baseball bats. It burns with a white hot flame that is too hot for cooking.] see: bonsag.
basuk 1adj To be industrious, not lazy. Ka otow mo-omot woy manokal no ogtalabau, sikan ka mabasuk no otow; konò no pogulon. The person who is persistent and strong to work, that is an industrious person. [This sense is not connected to magic.] osyn: alì 1. 2n A spirit believed to govern the camote and sugarcane crops, works hand in hand with the Kalayag, the spirit governing the rice crop. Ka Imbabasuk ka nahan to mgo otow no ogpakabogoy to dakol no ogkaga-ani. Ian ogpamulingan. The Imbabasuk spirit is the one who gives a big harvest. That is the one who does magic.
basung n A container made of bark or bamboo used for carrying unshelled rice, similar to a lukung but smaller.
bat-ow v 1Illuminate; light up as a room or pathway. Warò ogko-utol ku su du-on ogpakabat-ow ka nigtong-ow. I didn't catch any [fish] because there were those who were using a light for fishing who were illuminating [the water]. [Ka amag], ian igbat-ow noy to dalan noy. [The phosphorescent leaf] that is what we use to light up our pathway. spec: tong-ow 2. 2Show, demonstrate, as to show a person his fault.
batad₁ n Something white on an uncircumcised child's penis which separates the flesh from the foreskin and makes circumcision easier. Ka batò no warò pad matulì no du-on batad to lasù din, maga-an dò ogkalasat. The child who has not yet been circumcised and who has ?? on his penis, [the foreskin] will easily come off. see: tulì.
batad₂ v Converse as to ask each other questions about family. [contrasts with al-alukuyan which involves discussion of more serious issues.] see: panangnangonoy.
batang 1n A felled tree; log 2v Kill,ed; murdered.
batanbatan 1v Converse, discuss. [DB says this has different meanings/uses but is connected with making some kind of arrangement or agreement.] 2Try to converse.
batas n A pig which has horizontal stripes.
batasan phr.: wà batasan. n Custom, manners. see fr.: otow 4.2.
batbat v Tell, relate, as news or an event. [This word means to give information about something, such as news of a recent landslide. It contrasts with alukuy “discuss” in which people are giving opinions and answering each other as when someone marries and decisions need to be made. Also, if information is being transmitted from someone like the mayor to be related upriver.] see fr.: gugud 2.
batili v 1Get out of the way; step to the side of the path so a horse or person may go by. osyn: dapig 2. 2(Fig.) To side-step something such as an order. Du-on otow no nigsugù din ka anakon din to igpa-angoy ka karabaw diò to Aninipot no nigbatili rò ian ka anakon din su nighondiò nasì to Magimun. A person sent his nephew to fetch a carabao from Aninipot and then his nephew really side-stepped [the order] because he went instead to Maguiman. see: suloy 1.
bato-bato-i v To make polite request Bato-bato-i koy alapi koy bag. DB; bat-bato-i... DM “We would like to request please [that] you take [this] for us-excl [please].”
batok 1design; pattern including color. Du-on baloy no maroyow ka batok din. There is a house whose pattern is pretty. Maroyow ka batok to balaus nu su oglo-inlo-in to bulak. The design of your blouse is pretty. 2adj Patterned, mottled, color; variation in pattern and/or in color. Ka losok no ulod mabatok-batok ka batok to lawa rin. The losok snake as a mottled pattern to its body.
batò 1n Child. 2adj Young. 3Follower of a chief. 4Small offspring. 5n Bachelor. 6adv younger
battang n Log, uprooted stump which does not have any more leaves left, just its body. Aligu ka ro du-on su du-on naka-atang no batang. Just go around because there is a log in the way.
batu 1n Stone. 2deriv n A necklace; a bead. see: bali-og 1. 2.1n bead (of a necklace), sometimes used of a long bead. 3deriv n Magnet. 4deriv n A weight; on a net or fishing line; an anchor. 5deriv n A rocky place. 5.1adj Made of rocks such as a stone wall. [In Ata Manobo, a rock wall that surrounds a house or village is called an alad “fense”. By Ata Manobo definition, an alabat “wall” is part of a house or building. alabat does not apply to anything that surrounds a house regardless how high or thick.]
batug n A kind of wild chicken Ka malalab no kalasanon no manuk no maraging ka og-ukalò batug ka igngaran. A red wild chicken which has a loud crow is called batug.