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iria 1adj to be smart, wise 2adj to be shrewd 3v To steal something without telling.??
irob 1n Point of knife; to sharpen with a knife. 2v To sharpen to a point 3Sharpener, as for a pencil. 4A bolo; large knife 5v ??
irol spec: larawan.
irung n Nose.
isa num One, used in counting.
isog v To obtain viand, diligently search for viand or camotes during hunger season.
ispat n A flashlight [torch in British countries.]
ispiu n 1glass Ka baloy ko ian dò bintanà, ispiu, mo-ilag dò su ogkito-on ta rò ka limang su ma-awang ka pogpitow ta. A house, if it only has glass windows, they are transparent because we can see through to the other side because our view (lit. viewing of it) is unobstructed. 2mirror Ko ogpitow ki to ispiu, ogkito-on ta ka alung ta. When we look in a mirror, we see our reflection.
ispuru n Matches
isu v Graze, as spear or bullet.
isu-os v 1Move or alk backwards. Du-on batò no og-isu-os on ka ogpapananap no ighun-a ka pa-a rin. There are children who move backwards as they crawl and their feet go first. 2Disagreement, rejected suitor. ??
it-it v Infected teeth from not brushing.
itan v gnaw, as a dog gnaws a bone. Og-it-itan to asu ka bokog su ko og-a-amul ki oggongonan ta ka og-amulan ta. Di ka asu, ogdampo-on to bolad dan. A dog gnaws on a bone because when we chew [meat off a bone] we hold onto it. But a dog, he holds it down with his paws (lit. hands).
itik n A small goose. Du-on itik no ayam woy du-on itik no magintalunan. Ka itik no ayam, mabulut ko manggi-anak. There is a small goose which is tame and there are small geese which are wild. The small domesticated goose is aggressive when it has young. [It can be black or white, wild or tame. Said to be small like a duck but is aggressive like a gansa “large goose”.]
itis v 1To pour. Og-itis ki to woig ko og-inum ki. We pour water when we [want to] drink. Ko oglolo-ug ki diò to koilawan no warò woig no ogkabaya-an ta, oglogtas ki to bunal no og-itison ta ka woig din no og-inumon tad on su nammaraan ki. When we go on an errand to the forest and there is no water nearby (lit. where we pass), we cut a vine and pour its water out and drink it because we are thirsty (lit. dried out). see fr.: bus-ug 2. 2spill, as water or other liquids Ko ogkapolod ka sakoru, ogko-ilis ka woig di mananoy oglibuas su malig-ot ka bo-bò. When a bamboo water pole tips over, the water spills but it is slow to go out because the mouth is narrow. [Does not apply to spilling of dry substances. The word itis applies to a smaller amount of liquid. bus-ug would apply to large quantity of either liquid or dry ingredients being spilles.] see: bus-ug 2.
itom 1adj Dark color, or black. Ka makopal no gapun no mo-itom, kibol. The thick cloud which is dark is a thunder cloud Ka bulbul ni Igì, lagboy no mo-itom. Igì’s hair is very black. Du-on laplap no mo-itom woy du-on mo-itom-itom no laplap. There is dark skin and there is somewhat dark skin. 2v To become black. Ka musong, ko ogpakapoid ki, ogmo-itom ka lawa ta woy ka kinabò. [As for] soot, if we happen to rub it [on ourselves], our body(s) and our clothes become black.
itu-os v 1Move or walk backwards., back up Ko oghillop ka ulu to bo-u-u, og-itu-os woy ogtagù to lawa rin. When the head of a turtle retracts inside [its shell], it moves backwards and goes inside its shell (lit. body). ant: ugsul 1; ant: ugsul 2.2. 2To retract, as a rubber band. Ko ogkonsong ka guma, songo og-itu-os. When a rubber band pulls back, it also retracts. 3Decrease, as temperature or blood pressure. Nig-itu-os on ka mo-init din. His fever (lit. heat) decreased. 4Reduce, as a price. Banbanayan nu naboli ka wasoy su nig-itu-os ka pirisiu din. You finally purchased the axe because its price was reduced.
itù n The offspring of a dog, weasel or mongoose, pup or puppy. Ka asu ko og-anak on, itù ka ngaran to anak din A dog when it gives birth, puppy is the name of its offspring. Ka anak to laku woy ka singgalung, itù dod ka ngaran to anak. The name of the offspring of a weasel or a mongoose is also pup.
iut 1v To have sexual relations. 2Kind of camote that has reddish skin and is white inside with a purplish ring in the center.
iwil n Kind of small thin banana.