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kagi 1v Talk, word, speak. 2n Language, manner of speaking. 2.1n Word(s) Nabugsong ko du-on kinagian no konò ogka-ayun. [The meaning] is jumbled when there are words which don't fit. 3Reason for talking.
kagis v Scrape. see fr.: kulkul; see fr.: kuit 6.
kaglas₁ 1v A kind of rattan fruit from the anokot rattan which is added to betelnut chew. 2n Outside marks of a tattoo. 3n A headband decorated with beads which are fastened to material with horse hair. Ka kinaglason, ian ka igtangkulu ti bukod no igpan-ilis to bali-og to manggad. The kinbaglason headdress is a band across the forehead which is edged with beads attached to material. [40 string beads on a double thread one strand of which goes through one end and a second bead, the other strand goes thru the other end and a third bead; both strands cross thru the fourth bead.]
kaglas₂ n A kind of palm tree, similar to kalisow, a wild betelnut tree, which has an edible heart, the fruits of which are used with betelnut chew.
kaglung v Too big, loose. [The English word “loose” refers to the clothing, but the Manobo word kaglung, refers to one's body as being “loose” in one's clothes!]
kagot n One-stringed violin.
kagow n 1Chiggers or other very small creatures. 2Germs that spread disease.
kagud 1n Wooden hoe-like instrument, but also applies to metal hoe. 2v To scrape out or grate, as coconut, when using a shredder or other instrument such as a knife. Ka otow no oggulay to tubod,ogkagud to niug no iggatà din. A person who makes a recipe from the tubod plant, grates coconut with which he makes coconut milk. see: hasò 1. 3vs To be scraped unintentionally. Ko batò no nakarogpak, nakagud ka pa-a rin to batu no napalisan on. The child who happened to trip and fall, scrapped his leg (or foot) and it was abrased. 4deriv n A coconut shredder, made of bamboo or now often made of an piece of serrated iron attached to a wooden piece on which a person sits as he/she scrapes the flesh from the inside of a coconut. Pigkagud on ni Asat ka niyog. Asat grated the coconut.
kagù v 1Shake a container to see if there is any liquid in it; rattle [The container can contain anything which makes a noise.] 2Shake, as a coconut, or a jar one is cleaning.
kai 1adv Here. 2Right here. 3v Come here.
kakoy 1n Older sibling or relative. [The very oldest sibling is the panganoy.] 2Younger-older relationship.
kalab v 1To fan, as a fire. 2to flame up as fire when it is fanned ?? Ogkalabkalab ka hapuy The fire flares/flames up [as fire when it is fanned].
kalabow n Carabao.
kalabu n A nail. see: langsang.
kalabusu 1n Jail. see: pirisuan. 2Imprison.
kalad 1v To slice vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, but not used of slicing meats. see: pisang 1. 2n Slices which have already been prepared for cooking.
kalad. see fr.: pisang 1.
kalamag 1n Wind. 2Air
kalamkalam n Kind of apusow (white). [DB says apusow is red. kalamkalam is white.]
kalamuging n Kind of weed that grows up to treelike proportions the seedlings of which emit an irritating gas which burns one’s eyes and nose when cut, reportedly resulting in headache or illness. (If there are many in a field they do not cut it.)
kalan 1n Cogon grass. [DB says the kalan is larger than kogon.] 2Name of a village in the mountains of the Kapugi area.
kalaponit n Small bat. see: paniki; see: katagbungan.
kalasag phr.: kalasagan no ibid. 1n Narrow wooden shield. see: toming; see fr.: bulan 9.1; see fr.: bonsaran 2. 2v Means of defense. Di ko du-on ka igpangalasag, konò ki ogka-agkapan ka og-ugpò su ogmabogat ki to og-ugpò. But if there is a means of defense, we who are living there won't feel insecure (lit. be lightweight) because our living situation will be secure [lit. heavy].
kalasagan no ibid phr. of: kalasag; phr.: ibid 1. phrase Lizard with large high spines on the back.
kalasanon 1n Wild chicken. gen: manuk 1. 2n Kind of red rice. gen: homoy 1. 3deriv n Kobbiung tune. 4deriv n Red, multicolored chicken; said to have turned into a kalasanon wild chicken. Ka manuk no kumalasanon, niglo-ow no nigbaluy no kalasangon. A red multicolored chicken went wild and changed into a wild chicken. [DB says that if a chicken goes wild it turns into a kalasangon. He said maybe it has mated with a wild chicken so the offspring have turn out multicolored.]