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kalatkat n Ladder with rungs; rungs of a ladder; steps to a porch or on a hillside. Ka kalatkat, darua ka igsandig no du-on ka igbalabag, no ian ka kalatkat. Ka ogdi-okan ta, ian ka kalatkat. As for a ladder, it has two leaning [posts] and there are cross-pieces (lit. that-which lays horizontally). That which we step on are the steps. see fr.: hagoran.
kalawag₂ n Tumeric plant used to cook with meat--fragrant.
kalawag₁ adj Yellow.
kalawit n Spear with detachable barbed head which is held in place with a rope.
kalayati n 1length Ong-ongora nu to kalayati [to bistira]. Estimate the length [of the dress]. 2height Ong-ongora nu to kalayati [to kayu no wà pad napolod]. Estimate the height of the tree [which has not yet been felled].
kalaykay. n Shell fish like a small clam.
kali 1v To dig [One can use an ilus or other sharpened stick to dig. If one digs with a shovel, that is also kali.; This seems to be generic for dig. (ck other kinds of digging and/or using an instrument and if position matters.] see: kutkut 1. 2v dig up 3Dig camotes. Warò ogtamong to anak din no konò ogpakapangali. There is no one to watch her children so she won't be able to dig camotes. [ck if pangali can apply to other tuberous roots]
kali-a-an n Kind of tree with red wood and bark and leaves similar or related to the lawa-an with very tiny seeds. and makes good lumber. [DB says this is not mahogany but more closely related to lawa-an. The wood and bark are red.It is fragrant and good for splitting and making walls.]
kaliawa n 1Kind of hornbill. 2Kind of taro (bigkaton) having red stalks. see: bigkaton.
kalibutan n World, universe. see: tanò 1.
kalimma-an n Fifty see: limma 1.
kalimuan (=na) to pogpitow v To mistake someone for another person. Nalimuan koy to pogpitow to sundalu su naan dan no sikanami ka ogpammitawan dan no nakasabuk to pirisuan. The soldiers mistook us for someone else because they mistakenly supposed that we were the ones they were searching for who had escaped from the prison.
kalimù n Kobbiung tune; kiss (poet.) about a younger sibling who is an illegitimate child and thus cen be courted by the older.
kalipuan 1v White headed when all hairs have turned grey. Ogkalipuan ki to uban. We have become white headed from grey hairs. 2Tune of kobbiung or kuglung. [story of a bachelor who lived long ago. ??] [According to legend, Banlak commanded the bachelor to cease from work because they were going to ascend. The bachelor continued to cut down the trees in his field and was therefore changed into a mangguapuy bird which has a long tail. Its call sounds like his own name.]
kalisow n Wild betelnut which is a smaller nut see: mamo-on.
kalitan n Youngest child in a family. [The youngest child kalitan may or may not be the kalitan “last to be born”.] see: kimud; see fr.: kimud.
kalkal v Scratch, in dirt as of chicken. [DB says pangalkal applies particularly of chickens scratching in lagut leaves, etc. Whereas kutkut applies more of scratching/digging in dirt.] see: kutkut 1.
kalkal, pangalkal see fr.: kutkut 1.
kallayag n A spirit who is said to accompany Imbabasuk, another spirit who are said to watch over crops.
kalo-kalò v To boil a liquid.
kalò n Frying pan.
kalu-oran (Kapugi)
kalubana n Guavano.
kalugu n Large wart, called ‘inoy to butig’.
kalumanga n Edible ferns.