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kapayas n Papaya.
kapigsula n A medicinal plant which grows wild on the beach or in a field which is used for treating certain skin diseases such as dusdus double skin or ap-ap, a white fungul skin disease. Ka kapigsula, diò to pantad ogtubù no igtambal to dusdud woy ap-ap. As for the kapigsula plant, it sprouts on the beach and is used to treat double-skin and a white skin fungus.
kapkap n Grass, spec. kind of grass in pasture.
kapok A type of tree having cotton-like pods.
kaporò see fr.: pola 1.
kapot v To adhere to, as the Ka nighimu ka patiukan to baloy, nigkopkop to sugpang. Sikan ka nigkapot. As the bees made their house, it clings to the branch. That is [the meaning of] adhere.
kapu-pù see fr.: pola 1.
kapunganan n 1One’s posterity, decendent. [Ocring said in his dialect kapunganan would refer to descendents a long time removed; pinanganak would be used of more immediate descendents.] see: pinanganak; see fr.: anak 10. 2A physical characteristic which is passed down from one generation to the next, such as a malady or outgrowth of the body. [DB says that if a disease or physical malady such as swelling of the knees is is experienced by another generation people will say that is kapungan ta -- that is, they conceive that it has been passed down. (DB 21/Jan/2006)]
karakoli see fr.: olog 1.
karas v 1For the parents of a first bornchild to prepare a gift to take with them when they formally present their child to the paternal grandparents’ home for a first visit. 2To present a firstborn child to its paternal grndparents for the first time.. The parents present a monetary gift to the grandparents who then reciprocate with their own gifts of animals to send home with the child. Ko du-on on sagboka no anak noy no boi, igkaras noy pad ka batò diò to amoy noy woy to inoy noy. If we have one girl offspring, we will present her to the [When a child is presented to its paternal grandparents for the first time, the parents take a gift such as a P1,000 and some clothing. or a blanket. When the gandparents send them home a few days later, they send gifts for the child such as a horse, two pigs and a dozen chickens if they can afford it.] see: payag 1.
karigarol 1n A hired hand specifically to help take harvest downriver by raft. 2v To hire on with someone, spec to help take harvest downriver by raft. Ogkarigarol a koykow to ogpalawod su warò bag salapì ku kunto-on. I’ll hire on with you to go downriver by raft because a don’t have any money now. 3v To hire someone to help take harvest downriver. Du-on otow no ogpamanghò to ogkarigarolon din su kawa-anno saku ka agoloy rin no warò ogkatambang to ogpalawod to gakit din. There was a person who was looking for someone to hire because he has twenty sacks of corn but no one to be [his] partner when he travels downriver on his raft.
karina n chain
karoga deriv. of: doga. vs To be discouraged or defeated so that one give up trying, or discontinues some inappropriate conduct. osyn: taligpuga.
karugukduguk n A kind of crayfish with big, long pinchers. [Has tail that fans out. It crawls out of the water so must breathe air.] gen: ulobang.
kasadkasad v Sound of many people stepping on the flooring so that it is noisy. [Word applies to making noise on flooring by many feet. Term dabokdabok applies to sound of feet or hoves outside the house.] cf: gos-algos-al.
kasakasa n Kind of cicada Kasakasa ka ngaran to ngoyngoy no ogkagi ko ogsalup ka allow. Kasakasa is the name of the cicada which makes a noise (lit. talks) when the sun is setting. [Small in size; makes noise in late afternoon.] gen: ngoyngoy.
kasal 1n Wedding. see: pangasawa; see: asawa 2. 2Wedding feast.
kasilò n Camote. [Term used in Kapugi, Pipisan, Talaingod and Tigwa. Common term in upper Langilan, Maambago, Maguimon, and Sulit, ismundù.] see: mundù 1.
kasino-ilow see fr.: korog.
kasipod deriv. of: sipod. vs To be shy, embarrassed or ashamed.
kasolon v To pull bolt bull back and inset bullets into a gun. Ka timbak no dibumba ogkasoon pad woy igtagu ka bala rin. Ka timbak no didusi songo ogkasoon pad no bali igtagu ka bala rin. As for an air gun, it is pulled back first before bullets can be inserted. The 12 gun also is cocked before bullets are inserted.
kat part The pronoun “you-sing” + Impersonal, specific, non-topic particle “to”.?? Pakapango-on kat babuy. You have to eat the pork. Wà la-in nogko-onan kat manganup sikan asu rin. The hunter] had no other source of food than his dog.
katagbungan deriv n Kind of bat?? see fr.: kalaponit.
katal 1n Rattan snare for wild rooster. Ko ogtugalon noy ka kalasanon, oglingut noy ka katal to sikan no apu-an no manuk. Ko ogsulung on ka kalasanon to apu-an, ogkohikotan on ka pa-a to katal ko ogsangkub on. When we lure a wild chicken, we surround a [rooster] with a snare trap of loops. When the wild rooster attacks the lure, its foot will be [caught in the loops] 2v To throw a tantrum, such as a monkey that sits on a branch and shakes it violently while scolding. Ka ubal, ko og-ogot to otow, ogkakatal on ka oglunggaton din ka nig-ugpa-an din. When a monkey scolds a person, he throws a tantrum as he shakes [the branch] where he lives. 2.1v Also said of an adult woman’s throwing a temper tantrum.
katamanan see fr.: tapus 2.