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katig n Outrigger of canoe.
katilias n Outhouse; comfort room see: indosanan.
katkat₂ n A ladder or step. Ka katkat, darua ka igsandig no du-on ka igbalabag, no ian ka katkat. Ka ogdi-okan ta, ian ka katkat. As for a ladder, it has two leaning [posts] which have [pieces] that are laid horizontally, and [those are] the step(s).
katkat₁ 1v To scatter, as rocks, or gravel, on a roadway. Ko du-on oggaraba to batu, sikan ka ogpangatkat. When someone gravels [a road], that is [what is meant by] scattering [rocks]. 1.1v To intentionally scatter something as rocks or powder. Batu ka ogkatkaton to dalan. Rocks are what have been intentionally scattered over the path. Ka nigpurut ku to bokbok no nigbudbud ku diò, no nigkatkat ku. When I took the termite dust and sprinkled it there [outside], I scattered it [on the ground]. 1.2vs To be scattered. .Ko ogpamurut ki to bogas to maoganì no nakatkat, songo tabang dod su ogpamuruton ta. When we pick up mahagoni seeds which have become non-intentionallhy scattered [on the ground], we also tabang them because we pick them up. 2v To ravel, pull out or unstring as thread from spool. Ko ogkatkaton ka lubid, ogkotongon ka lubid. If a string/rope is pulled out [from a spool] it will be stretched out." see: husud 2. 2.1deriv n A raveling as a thread from cloth or that has come loose from a spool.
katod n A long edible grub which is the larva of a black and red beetle. [The generic term for beetle is kamolung. The grubs of some beetles are alibutod but the grub of this specific beetle is longer with more pronounced joints. The adult beetle is a somewhat long, black and red beetle which is shorter than the larva.] see: kamolung; gen: alibutod; gen: kanggò.
katondanan n 1Authority. Si Joaquin pad ka naka-alap to katondanan to kapitan to Baranggay Gupitan. Joaquin is still the one who has [lit. carries] the authority of [being] captain of the Gupitan Baranggay. Ko dakol ka katondanan to otow woy ko dakol ka katagaanan, ogngaranan to dakol no otow. If a person has great authority or great knowledge, [he/she] is called a great [lit. big] person. 2Responsibility Ka mgo manigo-on no mgo buyag on, kandan ka du-on katondanan to mgo ugpa-an. The elders who are leaders [lit. old already], there are the ones who have the responsibility for the various areas [lit. dwelling place].
katu-onan n A little known remedy see fr.: butitì 2; see: tu-on 1.
katumbal n Small red chili peppers. Ma-alas ka bogas to katumbal ko ogkoinug. The fruit of the red pepper is hot (lit. stings) when it is ripe. Ka bogas to katumbal, dakol no ogpakabulig ko du-on turakan ta no agoloy no ogtasikan. As for the fruit of the red pepper, it is a big help if we have a corn field which has a tasikan blight/disease. [Specifically, this is a wild variety of small red pepper fruits that are very hot (peppery). The leaves are not hot but are very tasty as a vegetable, especially when mixed with other vegetables. Generically, this word is also used of other kinds of peppers including chili. The wild red pepper fruit is eaten by some people but is also used to treat a type of blight affecting a corn crop.]
katupis 1n A covered, rectangular covered container varying in size from 8\"x6\"x3\" but also in larger sizes, woven of rattan or bagtok bamboo skin. Smaller ones are used for carrying a lunch but larger ones are used for carrying anything from straps of abaca to idems of clothing. [Similar to binoboy except the latter is round.] 2v To get soaked, as from rain. Ka otow no og-uranan, ogkatupis to uran ka nasubid on sikandin. The person who is rained on gets soaked by the rain when he gets wet. see: nalum-og; see: makamos; see: subid 1.
kawad 1n Large fish hook used to catch carp, mudfish or large eels. [Term used upper Liboganon River; Langilan.] see: kitang 1; see fr.: kitang 1; see fr.: bunnit 1; see: bunnit 1. 2v To catch [a fish].
kawanan adj Right (as right hand). ant: gibang.
kawayan n Kind of hard bamboo, similar to la-ak, but has thorns. see: la-ak; see: damuluan.
kawà n Huge, very heavy cast iron cooking pt or kettle.
kawigi n Wing of bird or chicken. [DB kawigi includes the whole of the wing all the way to the joint. The pakpak is the part of the wing which has feathers.] osyn: pakpak 2; see: pakpak 1.
kawit v To to very tightly braid three, four or six strands, usually with another person holding and pulling at the opposite end to tighten the braid as strand of rope or thread, but not hair. gen: salapid 1; gen: salapid 2.
kawo-kawò v Wiggle; wiggly see fr.: wo-il 3; see fr.: kapat 3; see: pakat.
kawoy v To lift one's legs above one's waist as one walks as when playing. Ko oghipanow ka batò no ogli-ag no ogkawayon ka limang no pa-a, songo ogkabosì on. Ogtu-uran to ogkawoy. When a child walks as he is playing and lifts his other foot above his waist, [his] legs are also spread apart. He intentionally lifts his leg above his waist.
kawò 1adj Active, as a child or monkeys who are always moving. Ka batò no kawò, ogkoirapan ka ogbantoy su mawoil. Agad hondo-i ogdolog sikandin. As for an active child, [he] makes it difficult for the one watching [him] because he is perpetually moving. 2v To be always moving; wiggley Ka batò no ogkawo-kawò, konò ogkatolon ko ogpinnu-u. Ungod ogwo-ilwo-il. Songo kuò ko oglulusuk. The child who is wiggley can’t sit still (lit. stay still if sitting). He is continually moving. Sometimes he turns bottom’s up. see: kapat 1; see: mawo-il.
kawwilì n A kind rat, either male or female, the last part of which is white. Ogkatampod to mapotì ka ikug to ambow no kawwilì. The [color of the] tail of the kawwilì rat becomes white (lit. is interrupted by white.).; The kawilì rat
kayaga n A small, hard, round red tree fruit which is sometimes added to a necklasce. It may also be kept in one’s kabil bag or used as a decoration for a bamboo container to chase away the evil spirits. Ka otow dongan, ka sinupò dan no bulu, ka so-ob, ogsabukan dan no tamiluk no du-on dan imparokot ka bogas to kayaga su nahan dan no ogpaka-awò to busow. As for people long ago [and] their bamboo conainers they spread sticky bees wax on the lids which was where they stuck the red kayaga seeds because they supposed that they would expell evil spirits. [This red seed is used as necklaces or as decoration on bamboo containers to scare away evil spirits.]
kayagkag n Small ant.
kayamotan n Kind of hornbill; large, black with light tan head and chest, white fantail, large orange beak, reddish brown on back of head, large blue eyes when young which turn to brown when adult; long eyelashes. Has a black mark on the back of his white tail.
kayamoy 1n finger (of person) 2A finger-like appendage, as of a crab or shrimp, which is used for walking
kayang see fr.: pakoy 1.
kayangkang v For hair or feathers to “stand on end”. [Also of rice grain that has been eaten by the maya birds which stands straight out.]