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kayas 1v Slice into long thin pieces like french fires (of pineapple and wild camote). see: dilip. 2n An amount of prepared slices of something which may be eaten, or dried if necessary for preservation. 3n A large amount of something sliced which may be set out to dry.
kayow v 1Lift up, as a light, or one's hands [or a person by his hands] 2Kayawa ka limang no bolad nu. Lift up one hand. 3To lift up, as both hands, Ogkayawon nu ka darua no bolad nu oyow ogkapangabangan ka ka ogkalonod on Lift up both of your hands so that you can be rescued from drowning.
kayu 1n Tree; wood 2v Fetch wood.
kayug n Harvesting tool with sharp curved blade attached to a short wooden handle used to clip of heads of rice grain.
ki₁ 1pron we (topic, dual personal) [Also used as a short form for inclusive pronoun kinow.] 2Personal case-marking particle oblique. Natokow kir ki Amutatoy. We were surprised at Amutatoy.
ki₂ Personal case-marking particle oblique which may mark someone as being the recipient or beneficiary of an action which may be translated with, by, for, at or to someone. Natokow ki ki Amutatoy. We were surprised at Amutatoy. Imbogoy ku ki Asat. I gave [the pencil] to Asat.
kiambù n Mosquito net.
kiang v Fear of heights; fear of falling from height.
kiapù n Name of a creek, also a name of a village on the edge of the Kiapù [The villiage is said to be between Kilikili and Gupitan (also called Bonol).]
kibol n Dark rainclouds, thunderheads. gen: lugung; gen: gapun 1.
kidkiron deriv n Fine bits of metal, as from a pot being scraped or something filed with a whetstone. [Soes not apply to sawdust or bits from cut fingernails.]
kignat v jerk, as when startled spec: komod 1.
kikik v Squeak, as rat.
kikim 1v Sew neatly by folding under as a hem. (Size and distance of stitchdes may vary.) 2n A hem.
kilang v To be blinded temporarily by brillance of a light. Pangilungkilangon ka. You are blinded by the brilliance. see: silang|.
kilat n Lightning.
kilid 1v To turn on one's side, edge 2n On side of. Tibò ayam du-on agasan di ka manuk, warò su kai to kiliran ka pa-a ran. All domesticated animals have hips but chicken's don't because their legs are attached (lit. here) at the sidesAll domesticated animals have hips but chicken's don't because their legs are attached (lit. here) at the sides of their bodies. 3v To turn over onto one's side; lay on one's side. Ogkilid ki ka oghibat. We lay on our sides as we sleep. Tow ki, ogkilid a pad. “Hey all of us, “I'm going to turn onto my side for a while.”
kiling v Not straight, not level or off center as of a floor which sags or a house that is leaning because of a rotten post. Ka baloy no ogkakiling, nalusuk ka limang no ogkapolod ko konò ogtukogon. As for a house that is off center, one side is sagging and it will fall over if it is not propped up. Nakiling ka so-og su nalukuk ka limang. The floor is not level because one side is sagging. ant: tul-id 1; see: daldal 1.
kilki v 1Motion of animals foot when it scratches Ka mgo asu, ko ogdogosan, ogkilkil to pa-a ran. Dogs, when they are itching, tthey scratch with their feet. [The motion of scratching may or may not cause them to tap the floor.] 2To nervously move one’s foot as when bored or merely as a habit. Ka otow, ogkilkil to pa-a di konò ogdogosan; ogwo-ilan din dò du-on. A person [may] nervously move his foot but he is not itching; he is just moving it [for no particular reason]. 3To continually scratch as a dog with mange which is itching all the time.
kilos v Become smaller, wide apart (as floor bamboo); smashed; dispersed (as swelling of jaw); shrink as material. Ogkilos ka ligid ko du-on palì su og-uwang ka kalamag. A tire becomes smaller if it has a hole because the air will be expelled. Ko ogdarampil ki to agoloy, ogkilos pad su mo-ilow. When we dry corn in the sun, it will shrink because it is green. Ogkilos ki ko oggasa-an ki. We get smaller when we get skinny. Ko malibuson di nigdo-isok, nigkilos. If it is round but has become smaller, it has shrunk. see: konsong 1; see fr.: kopis; see: kopis; see fr.: kimut; see: hag-os.
kilow 1v Eat anything raw. Ogkilow ki to “salad”. We eat salad raw. 2To be delirious, of raw foods. Ogpangilowkilow ki to sikan no malintok no ulabang no ayagad. Maputì no malintok no ulabang ka ayagad. Mo-ilow su tigbal dò ogbusugan to mo-init no og-amutan to mgo a-anag. No mo-omis ka ogko-onon on. [Many wont eat raw or simi-cooked seafood or meats because they think they will be ogbusawon, that is, become thin as a result of having eaten raw meats or seafoods. ( DB says this term doesnt mean the illness relates to the spirit world.).] 3Ko ogkamatoy no oglibong ka goinawa ko ogkapawò, ogpanagkilawan ka namatoy.
kiloy n Eyebrow.
kimoy vs Crippled, as of hand.
kimpit v Hair barrette.
kimud n Lastborn child, the very last child that a woman bears. Ka kimud, kandin ka katamanan no anak; konad og-anak oghutuk. The lastborn, it is the final offspring; she will not bear children again. see: tangkod; see fr.: kalitan; see: kalitan; see fr.: tangkod.