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pinarayag n A child or older person who is favored, sometimes due to being fairskinned. [Often such a person often hs been spared responsibility when younger, perhaps due to being fairskinned or some other reason, so when older doesn't do field work because she hasn’t learned how to carry responsibility.]
pinayag 1n A storage shelter or granary for rice or corn; a small one-roomed house. Ka inoy ni Elena, nig-insò si Manggoni, “Du-on pinayag to sika homoy nu?” Elena's mother said, inquiring of Manggoni, “Do you have a granary for your rice?” Oghimu a to pinayag to agoloy. I will make a storage shelter for corn. [A small house or building often used to store rice or grain.] gen: baloy 1. 2A shelter built on something such as that built on a raft to protect occupants from the sun. Pinayagan ka gakit. A shelter will be built on the raft.
pindit v 1To pick up between thumb and forefinger; take a pinch of something. Ogpindit ka to asin. You take a pinch of salt. Songo pogpurut dò to asin, oghingaranan to songo pogpindit To take a bit of salt, it is called one pinch. see fr.: kobong 1; see: purut 1. 2To pinch. Ka otow no ogpindit, oggamiton din ka timbabakal woy tinuru no ian dò oggongon to ogpindit to laplap to apongag to bato. Ko ogli-ag ki to batò, ogpinditon ta ka apongag din. If we play with a child, we pinch his cheek. [with thumb and forefinger without using fingernails.]
pinì n A small, narrow chicken laying basket.
pinnu-u 1v To sit down. 2Chair or place to sit 3Seat. 4What one uses for sitting, i.e. buttocks or topal of monkey.
pinota n Long-sleeved, long-waisted, open-front, black and red Ata blouse.
pintik 1n slingshot see fr.: kois 4. 2trigger 3v To trigger off, as a camera or gun; a slingshot.
pinya n Pineapple.
piong 1v To close one’s eyes. 2Squint.
pipi 1v To be squashed, as of ripe fruit that become flattened. Ko ogkadi-okan ka bogas to kapayas no nohinug, ogkapipi. If we step on the ripe fruit of the papaya, it will be squashed. Ongsig ka rò diò su ogkapipi ad. Move over because I am getting squashed. [as of a soft fruit that is flattened but also of people who are pressing against each other so that one feels like one is being crushed. (This would also apply to a crowd which tramples someone underfoot so he dies.)] 2To deliberately squash, or flatten as a can. [such as by stepping or sitting on, or pressing down on. Contrasts with tusak in which an instrument would be used to mash.] 3To press against each other. Mapipioy su malig-ot. They were being crushed [against each other] because it was a narrow place. [This seems to be an extended meaning as it is said in fun.] see: pokogsonsonoy. 4New rice that’s fried raw.?? [DB says the undried rice will flatten. It is sometimes fried to dry it but not all becomes dry.]
pirigay n Common term used for vagina.
pirisuan n prison see fr.: kalabusu 1.
pisang 1v To slice in pieces, with a sawing motion such as to slice off the skin or flesh of various meats, [pisang is not used of cutting vegetables.] see fr.: kalad 1; osyn: dilip; osyn: gotad 3, gupal; see: kalad.. 2Slicer. 3Slices.
pisol 1v To put pressure upon; to weight down. see fr.: posò. 2To weight down a fish trap with stones.
pispis n A baby bird. [Of any bird such as the baby hornbill, crow, or sparrow, but not for a baby chicken which is piak “chick”.]
pisu 1n Peso. 2Divide equally, peso for peso.
pisuk n The poke the eyes. Ko ogtu-uron to ogbuturon ki, ogpisukon ka mata ta. If someone purposes to blind us, they poke out our eyes. [with the purpose of making someone blind.]
pitas 1v To tear off, as of a hole which has worn or torn through one of its edges; to tear off as kobbiung string. see fr.: bongkag 2. 2vs To separate; severe. Ko ogtigbason ta ka balagon no konò pad ogkapitas, og-ungoron ta to oglogtas taman to ogkapitas on. When we are slashing rattan and it hasn’t yet separated [from the vine] we continue cutting it until it has been severed. [Such as when a surgeon separated twins.] osyn: tigbas 1. 3An interval of time or space.
pitow phr.: Maroyow to pogpitow; phr.: maro-ot to pogpitow. 1v To look. spec: domol 2, pantow 1. 2deriv n That which one sees; a view. Ko ogsilò ka allow no og-uran, ogmalayag ka pogpitow ta to uran. When the sun comes out when it is raining, the rain which we see shines. Ka baloy ko ian dò bintanà, ispiu, mo-ilag dò su ogkito-on ta rò ka limang su ma-awang ka pogpitow ta. A house if it only has glass windows, they are transparent because we can see through to the other side because our view (lit. viewing of it) is unobstructed. spec: domol 1, pantow 1, so-ilang 1. 3v sight Ka pogpitow to mata ku, konò kud ogkamolmologan. As for the sight of my eyes, I cannot see clearly. 4To show. 5To search for.
pitu 1num Seven (counting). 2Seven things. 3Seventh. 4num Seven days, that is, a whole week. Ogkapapitu-an a rò no allow diò to dibabò. I will just be seven days downriver. Ogkapapitu-an a diò to dibabò. I will just be seven [days] downriver. see: simana 1. 5Seventy.
pius 1adj Physically undeveloped (small hips and buttocks). 2
po-it phr.: mata to po-it. 1v A kind of small fish. Duon otow no noko-utol to po-it no dakol ka nigsagad to bogyas din There was someone who obtained a lot of small fish which she caught in her fish trap. 2adj Bitter.
po-og-ogotoy see fr.: tomu 5.
po-on 1n Bait see fr.: ayat 5. 2v To bait. Po-onan ka bogyas to mundù. Fish traps are aited with camote. Mundù igpo-on. Camotes are used for bait. Ka bunhit, ogpo-onan to liwati. The small fishhook will be baited with an earthworm.