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pupus n Floor ankle length skirt or trousers.
puruk n 1A kind of yellow fish that’s short and wide. 2A kind of short woman’s bolo.
purut v 1To take. Konò din ogko-iniat ko du-on ogpurut. He doesn't want someone to take [some of the rambatans]. see: tinawò 1; see fr.: kuò 5; see fr.: boklas 1; see fr.: pindit 1. 2To obtain something. Ungod oglibonglibong taman to ogkapurut din ka ogbuyu-on din. He keeps coming back until he is able to obtain that for which he was asking. 3having obtained, received Ko du-on ogsukut to kuddò di naruad, agad nokoy ka igbogoy to nakapurut to kuddò. If there is someone who collects payment for a horse but it has been sold on credit, the one who has received the horse can use anything for payment. 4To pick up a lot of something, as fruit from the ground. Ko ogpamurut ki to bogas to maoganì no nakatkat, songo tabang dod su ogpamuruton ta. When we pick up a lot of mahogany seeds, they are also picked up from the ground because we are picking them up. 5To take things; pilfer Du-on otow no konò ogkasaligan no ogpammurut to kalaglagan ku. There are people who cannot be trusted because they pilfer (lit pick up) my things. see: takow 1. 6To pilfer. see: takow 1.
pusa ???
pusil₂ n A kind of fish [A long fish with a rounded snout similar to subuk but longer. It is dark on top but a mottled design on its sides and has small scales.]
pusil₁ 1n A gun 2v To shoot, with a gun.
pusina n Kitchen. [The mountain people generally have their firetable inside their house that in the past was not generally subdivided by walls. Apparently, the addition of a room external to the main part of the house is a later development.]
pusod 1n Navel 2umbilical cord. 3n The center of anything circular such as as whirl of hair, whirlpool, circle, the earth, a tooth or of a log cut crosswise; swirl. Ka woig no du-on saliu-an, songo du-on pusod. Water which has a whirlpool, also has a center. Ko hondo-i ka taliwarò to tanò, ian ka pusod, Wherever the middle of the earth is, that is the center. Ka otow, du-on buliburan to puù to ulu rin no ogkohimuan no pusod. A person has a circular growth of hair on his head which makes a swirl.
pusta v To bet.
pusung phr.: taliwarò to pusung. n The heart.
pusù 1n Ear of corn Ogmagasò ka agoloy. Ogmalintok ka pusù. The corn will be skinny. The ears will be small. 2n Banana blossom. [People cook the blossom as a vegetable.] 3v To produce ears. Ka duma, konad ogpusù. The others won't produce ears. 4n Palm leaf woven in a heart-shaped form to hold steamed rice.
putì 1adj White. [Ka abu-on,] konò amana no mapotì; ogsolug. The abu-on [bird], isn't so white; [it's color] is mixed. 2adj Whiter, whitest. 3n Kind of bolo.
putow n General term for metal, specific term used for 5 cent piece; a coin.
putung v To be in despair; become suicidal. Ko putung ki, agad ko du-on oghusoy to goinawa, konò ogkohusoy no ogkaroromdom to oghimatoy to lawa rin. If we are in despair, even if there is someone to resolve [the person's] feelings, his/her feelings won't be resolved and he/she will think of killing himself/herself (lit his/her own body). [as when one cannot see any way out of problems and desires to commit suicide. If one has no one to help him/her out of this state, that person will attempt to end his/her life.] see fr.: sokol ka goinawa 2.
putus ???
putut 1adj Short, a belly band or short skirt, short-legged. 2n A kind of fruit.
puwas ?? v To open, as a door or a can.