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palpal v 1To hammer, drive a nail. Ka otow no oghimu to baloy, ungod ogpalpal to martiliu to lansang. The person who builds a house always pounds nail(s ) with a hammer. [Using a hammer or a rock.)] 2To copulate. ??
palù 1v To pound mat material; to beat clothes with a paddle. 2Pounding board.
palus v To fill out as grains when they ripen. ?? Ognangonan kow rò ko ogkapalusan on. You will be told when [the grains] have filled out. Kulang ka pogkohinug din; warò pad napalusi. It's ripening is lacking; it’s not yet filled in.
pamalas v 1To go through the motions of waving a chicken before sacrificing it. 2To swim overhand.
pamalay v Engagement feast consisting of a pig. [Ko] du-on on ogpangasawa, ogpamalay on ka mgo lukosan diò to og-asawo-on din oyow oghimu to sabut ko kon-u ka pogkasal on. [When] there is someone who is getting married, the men ?? will have an engagement feast there at the place where he will be married in order to make an agreement as to when the wedding will be held.
pamalii see fr.: balò 2.
pamalit n Metal sheath on back end of a spear which is used to reinforce and protect it when it is stuck in the ground with the spear head up when visiting someone's home. [When men carrying spears visit someone's home, they typically stick them in the ground with the spear head up and don't carry them inside. The emd pf the spear would deteriorate ifrom the mud f not protected by a metal sheath.]
pamaluag v A sunset (said to be the path of the evil spirits). Ko maroyow ka kahapunan to allow no mgo alas singku ka uras to mahapun no malaab ka mgo gapun, ogpamaluag on. If the afternoon of a day is nice (lit. good) and the time is around five in the afternoon and the clouds are red, [there is] a sunset. [This term is a verb in Manobo but a noun in English. (The same term may apply to a morning sky if it is red.??)]
pamalusigsig see fr.: tingkik 2.
pamalù v To go and inform another village of death.
pamanghò v To search for. Ko konò kow ogtamong, pamanghò kow to ogkako-on If you won't take care [of the children], search for something to eat! Ko du-on ka ogkalingawan ta no kalaglagan ta, ungod ki ogpamanghò ka ogpammitow taman to ogkakita-an tad on ian. If we have forgotten [where] something is (lit our things), we keep searching as we look for it until we are able to find (lit. see)it.
pamanayon n Shoulder. Ka pamanayon, sumpul din ka bakalawan woy ka bolad. As for the shoulders, its extentions are the upper arms and the arms.
pamasul v To fill a basket to the very top. Pamasul ki to mundù. Let’s fill the basket with camotes.
pamatang v To plant camotes and rice in the same field at the same time.
pamawoy v To accuse or blame someone for doing something which being guilty of the same thing.
pamisli-on n Kidney. Ka otow, du-on pamisli-on to kandin no lawa. People have kidney(s) in their body(s).
pamminog v 1To listen. Pamminog kow to daging to ariplanu Listen to the sound of the airplane. see fr.: pa-agad-agad 1. 2Obey Pamminog ka ko ogsugu-on ka. Obey (lit. listen) when you are ordered [to do something]. see: tuman 1; see: pa-agad-agad 1.
pammokak v To cluck, as a chicken. Ogpammokak ka manuk ko oglogsad ko pu-un to og-atolug. A chicken clucks when it flies down from having laid an egg. [Both hens and roosters cluck after the hen has laid an egg, but that is different from ukalò <<crow>>.] see fr.: koluk.
pammunit see fr.: kitang 2.
pamorong v To blink the eyes and turn one's head [Indicates anger or displeasure.]
pamu-od cf: dawi. v To go after and catch, as a dog which is hunting. Ko du-on ogkito-on to asu no ambow, ogpamu-oron din. If a dog sees something he will go after it and catch it. 1.1vs To have successfully hunted down something. Ko warò no-utol, warò napamu-od din. If he didn't catch it, he didn't [successfully] go after and catch it.
pamuka v To discuss marriage arrangements (parents of bride and groom).
pamula 1v To plant (general). 2Garden. 3Woman who likes to plant--has a green thumb.
pamulingan v 1To change one thing into something else; to transform. Nighun-a ni Boyboy so-ini pamulingan to kò ki ogko-ibog to kanta no ko-onon. Boyboy started this magic because we didn’t like what we had to eat. Ka otow no ogpokoimu to pamulingan, du-on kabogbogan din to ogpokoimu to mgo kabongbolonganan. As for a person who is able to do a miracle, he has power to do something amazing. Ka otow no nabutud no nigtambalan ni Hisus no nakakita on sikandin, no-iling to kabolbolonganan su nigpamulingan ni Hisus. The person who was blind whom Jesus treated and then he was able to see, it was like an amazing thing because Jesus did some miraculous. [AngL says the first example represents a “bad” sense of magic. The second is a good sense of a miracle, but this may not be different sense in most people's minds.] 2Kapamulinganon so-i allow The sun changed [from gold by Boyboy].
pamunsonga v To spit as of cat or dog; to hiss, sniff in disgust.