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pamusiit v To “tsk” in disgust.
panga 1n A kind of small tree, the wood of which is used in making rat traps or pintik sling short. 2‘Chignon’ made with hair divided into two parts, with a roll on each side of the head. Pinangapanga ka pogsagunut to boi to bulbul din ka ogpaburuton. A woman divided her hair into two parts as she was she was rolling her hair into [two] pompadours [on her head].
pangabaga 1n a spokesperson or representative of a higher leader Pangabaga a nu; igkarua a nu no igbuyag. “You are my master/leader; you are my second leader.” Kagi to songo otow, “Uripon ka na-an nikandin.” Ogtabak a to, “Ho-o ian su pangabaga a rin.” One person says, “You are his slave after all..” I will respond, “Yes indeed because I am his pangabaga “representative” (??). [DB said it is like this person has been ordered by his leader then he is recognized by the people as their leader because he carries the authority of his leader. DB also said pogbuyagon is now being used more in the mountains to refer to a leader.; DB said that this representative has been ordered by his [own] leader. Then the people will recognize the representative as their leader. He also said that pogbuyagon is now being used more upriver.] 2 3 4 5 6
pangabang v 1To rescue; [to interrupt in order to offset injury or damage]. Ka du-on nalonod diò to “pool”, moon-ing kandan ka namataan no warò nakapangabang. At the time that someone was drowned at the pool, there were many who were aware who were weren't able to go to the rescue. Lagboy igka-aras su naan din no warò ogpakabulig to oghimu to pinayag. Koddì on ka nakapangabang. It was very upsetting because she supposed that there wouldn't be anyone who could help her to make a rice granary. I was the one who was able to come to [her] rescue. Ogpatokawan on no warò ogpakapangabang. They will cause [the people] to be taken by surprise and then no one will be able to rescue them. 2To come to someone's defense. 3To rescue or save. 4To help out of a difficult situation. see fr.: bulig.
pangabuggù v To be jealous.
pangalimug v To rinse mouth out with water after eating.
pangalug adj Noisy, talkative.
panganup v To hunt with a dog. see fr.: bol-og.
pangapian Binding on a bolo scabbard.
pangariban n A weapon.
pangas 1A steep place with overhanging vines. 2Winding trail up a mountain.
pangasawa To get married. see fr.: kasal 1.
pangasu n A very large spear.
pangatubung n Upper leg joint; upper back or shoulder blade.
pangayungpù v To beg or plead, as for one’s life/ for a girl.
panggo-at v To crack, as of dry skin. see fr.: bagtad.
pangi adj large, oval, light tan fruit of a tree; governs the time of cutting and planting of rice field; the seed, lagas, is cut up and eaten.
pangiak v To screech.
pangilit see fr.: kisak 2.
pangiloson (kilos) see fr.: koyuyung 2.
pangini-kinì see fr.: sinlaksinlak.
pangiram v Newly pregnant, before the baby is felt to move around.
pangisis 1v To call one’s dog. 2A kobbiung tune.
pangitang see fr.: bunnit 2.
pangkak v To slap or knock sharply as of the bottom of a basket to completely empty it of its contents; or to hit or bang something off another, as a bolo handle from a bolo, using another bolo.