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piapis n The tail of a fish or eel.
piddapidda A kobbiung tune.
pidpid 1v to keep close to Ogpamidpid ki to ilis to dalama. (LM) We will pass [close to] the edge of the cliff. [When traveling downriver by raft, the travelers may pass very close to the cliff on the inside of a river bend. If they pass on the other side near the shore, ogpanag-ilis.] see: ilis, panag-ilis. 2
pigkit n Mildewed corn or rice.
pigok n A kind of fish.
pigsò 1v To break open; to hatch. 2That which bursts open the gall bladder, such as diving into a deep well.
pikit v 1Weevily rice. 2To be touching each other Ko nokogpikitpikit ka ngipon ta, moirap to og-awò to tinga. If our teeth are touching each other, it is difficult to remove the particles of food between the teeth. 3To be touching and connected Du-on otow no nokogpikitpikit ka saosow rin. There was a person whose toes we touching and connected. to each other. [In the following example one would understand that the toes were connected to each other.]
pila 1adj How many. 2How many days. 3How often. Pila kun allow? How many days have I?
pilak v To spear, or thrust through by a spear or sharp bamboo. Ko ogkapilak to mangayow, og-agbas ka kommag. If someone is speared by a raider, the spear will pierce and go through [the body]. [The following form implies a single strike with spear or sharpened bamboo which will pierce and go through a body. In a figurative sense, death is sometimes attributed to having been “speared” by an evil spirit. Adults will sometimes threaten a disobedient child by gestering and saying something like, “You’re going to get speared.”] see fr.: buntug 1.
pilang n A cave in a mountain.
pilas n A baby monkey.
pilay v To have a withered hand or foot.
pilikpilik v 1Shake water from hands. 2To sprinkle water on someone or something.
pilis v To slice or strip mat material.
pilit 1n A grasshopper. 1.1n High-flying green grasshopper. 2To shake food or water from one’s hand.
piliti n Fare for transportation.
pilokpilok n Eyelashes.
pilot v To cover a heaping pot of camote with leaves.
pilò n A black sugar ant.
pilpil v To pat, as to console a baby or small child. Pilpila nu oyow ogkoirogò. Pat it [on the back??] so it will go to sleep. [One may pat its back or other part of body, such as an arm.]
pilu v To rub something between the hands.
pingot adj Slant-eyed; lovely.
pingow v To be lonesome (Tigwa). Ogpingpingawon ad to mananoy og-ulì. I’ll get lonely if they’re slow in returning.
pingul v To cut off the ears of animal.
pinanganak see fr.: kapunganan 1.