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Tabbarubu n A creek to the north west of Mansalinow, and across the river.
Tagasan n The name of a village on the Kapalong river (commonly called Kapalong.)
Tagawilì n A stream that joins the Liboganon at the same place the Magimon river flows into the Liboganon.
Tagbarubu n Name of village ??
Tagonliag n The spirit that governs the relationship between the sexes; said to be responsible for both love and lust, adultery. The spirit leaves a person who is happily married.
Tinoltugan n Name of a creek between Togop and Banualoy which flows into the Liboganon.
ta pron 1st person dual source pronoun. Also used as a shortened form for the inclusive pronoun, tanow. Igtampod ta to kayu ka mo-irob. We’ll use the bolo to cut off the wood. Manuk ta so-ini? Is this our chicken?
ta-ab v To become reddish, as muddying water or a banana with hard red spots.
ta-ang v To rust.
taan (dial. var. dagan) 1adj Natural state. 2adj Old (object). 3adv For a long time; always. Aligbat a no batò a, taan ad on ka nig-ugpò kai to Mansalinow. Ever since I was a child, I have always lived in Mansalinao. osyn: anoy 2.
tabak 1n An answer to a question; reply to an argument or proposal. 1.1n That which is used to answer, reply or to use as a rebuttal to an argument or proposal. Woy ta rò ogkagi to igtabak ko du-on insò. We should not give an answer until there is a question. ant: insò 1. 2v To answer or reply. see fr.: apul 3; ant: insò 2.
tabakù n Tobacco.
tabalò n A kind of spear; gold or brass bands on a spear.
tabang 1v To fetch something that’s fallen or dropped to the ground. 2v To help out in supplying a bride price for someone. 3Save; helper
taban v To spoil, plunder. Nataban ka pusil. The guns (esp. after murdering) were taken as spoils. Tabanon man ka manggad noy. They’ll plunder our clothing after murdering us.
tabas phr.: patapid to panabas. 1v To cut, as cloth.or paper 2A girl’s cut bangs. Patapid to panabas. Straighten bangs [by cutting}.
tabid n A river tributary of the Langilan.
tabirak v To cook camotes in a lot of water until they are mushy.
tabì v To play tag. Tabi-on ta ka duma ta. We chase and tag our companions.
tabla n Sawn lumber; board
tabod 1v To wind, as a string or beads around something. Tabod now ka bali-og. Wind the beads around your neck. 2Entangle. 3v to wind around each other Patabtaboroy to malaab. Have them wind each other with red [material]. [When a person wants someone speared he makes an agreement with a raider to do the spearing and they twist together two pieces of red cloth to symbolize their agreement.] 4v to deceive for the purpose of betrayal Ka aku, ogparumaan to ogpanabod. The [word] aku, it goes with the [word] betray/twist [DB explained that the person who is brave enough to revenge will look an opportunity to deceive a person into trusting him so that he (or someone else) can kill him.]
tabodtabod see fr.: balikù 3.
tabok 1n The middle of the space under the house. 2v To place or put something under the house. Patabok nu ka losung su’g-uranan. Put the mortar under the house lest it get rained on.
tabolog vs 1To get dizzy. Ko ogkatabolog ki to ma-agbot, ogpoko-ilob ki. If we are severely dizzy, we will vomit. Ka sikan no katabolog, kanta ka ogkaligot, no ko og-alipolongan ki, ian ogkaligot ka ogpitawon ta. As for that [kind of] dizziness, we are the ones who go around, and if we experience vertigo, what goes around is that which we are looking at. osyn: alipolong. 2To be lightheaded, as from drinking or illness. Ko ogkalasing ki no subla ka pog-imun ta ogkatabolog ki. If we are drunk from having drunk too much, we will be lightheaded. Ko kulang ka langosa ta ogkatabolog ki ko oghipanow no konò ki ogpoko-orol. If our blood is lacking we will be lightheaded when we walk and we won't be able to manage to get around. see: alipolong.
tabò n The fat of an animal or human.