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tabu-u n A gourd.
tabu-uan n A paper wasp.
tabubulog n A borer/carpenter bee.
tabulug 1v To shave one’s head; have close-cropped hair. 2Bald all over one’s head.
tabun 1n A kind of red tree fruit used to smear on baskets in order to seal the pores, or to dye. 2To rub tabuntabun on a basket.
tabunan n Marmot's mound. Ka mgo lugì to tabunan to takubung, ogpoglawanglawangon diò to diralom to oghimuan dan to salag. The burrows of the marmots mound are connected underneath to the places where they make their nests. [The mound which is the home of the large marmot rodent takubung where marmots live in a family group.]
tadtad v To cut up into small pieces; to split bamboo, as for shingles.
tag songo phrase Each; one each. Tag songo saku. A whole sack each.
tag-an v Guess. see: tohom.
tag-i n A medium -sized knife about 8-12 inches long whether single or double edged such as used in a kitchen but can also apply to a knife or sword which can be thrown or used as a weapon. Du-on otow no nigpalatok din ka duma rin to tag-i, di diò dò nakapakang to alabat. Someone cast a knife /sword at hhis companion but it just happened to lodge in 0the wall.
taga 1v To know something or somebody. Nakako-on a to sikan no agkud di warò a mataga ko ogmonuon to poghimu. I have eaten agkud but I don't know the process of making it. 2v to let [someone] know; inform Ogpoitagaan ta sikandin. We will let him know. 3 4n Knowledge. 5v To inform; to cause someone to know Warò atag natagaan ku. I didn’t know that one. 6v With negative: To be unconscious Warò a matagataga to tongà to uras woy a ma-alimukawi. I was unconscious (lit. wasn't knowing) for a half hour before I came to.
tagad 1v To wait or delay to do something. Konò ogtagad to ognangonan pad. He doesn't wait to be told [to do something]. see fr.: nanoy 8. 2To prepare for something. igtagad to magaliug [something done] in preparation for a guest Igtagad ta ka ko-onon. We’ll prepare the food.
tagak v To lose; to fall off.
tagalilung v Just one person to ascend at a time.
tagalò v To leave something lying around unprotected.
tagam v To become accustomed. see fr.: tilalam 2; see fr.: anad 5.
tagan 1n A small bamboo lime container. Ka tagan, ligkat to bulu no tagu-anan to apug. A tagan, comes from bamboo and is a container for lime. 2Anything which is used as a lime container, such as a gourd.
tagarapow n A kind of bird (white winged crossbill, pb).
tagataga see fr.: ma-an 2.
tagbanua n Host, hostess; home owners or family of owner.
tagbanwa n Host [or inhabitant] of [a home] or village that one is visiting. see fr.: baloy 5.
tagbis n A kind of bird; loggerhead shrike; snake bird.
tagbu v To meet, intersect. osyn: tomu 3; see fr.: tomu 3; see fr.: balak; osyn: patomu; see fr.: dagap 1.
tagdoy n A group of smaller stems to which the grains are attached. [The tagdoy is a group of smaller stems, or panicles, of grain which form the head and are attached to the rice stalks by a single stem.]
tagibaluy n Participant.