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tagigad n Tie string of a bolo.
tagima n Wood-stem, glossy-leafed plant.
tagimtim 1n mildew see fr.: abungow 2. 2 3 4 5 6
tagkas v Cut individual leaves of a plant such as a type of grass used for making a container for storing grain for planting. Ka otow n ogtagkas to baluy, woy ko lumrun, ighimu rin to dala-us no ogtagu-an to boni no homoy. A person who cuts individual strands of baluy or lunrun grass, uses it to make a pouch in which to put seed rice.
tagkip n Sharp stakes or spears of a pig trap which kill a pig when the trigger is released.
tagkos Together with. Nigtagkos ku dò ka gout to mongo tirò nang-ad-ad ku to lobut to tu-od. I took the camote leaves together with the sugarcane and planted them around the root of a stump.
tagkoy n Maggot eggs.
taglas adj Fast, swift.
tagngo-op 1v To be held up or prevented by something. 2Ka uran natagngo-op koy. The rain delayed us.
tago-inop v To dream.
tago-od 1adj temporary, interim tago-od no igbuyag temporary/interim leader Tago-od dò nig-ugpò. He/she just temporarily stays [there]. 2v To use temporarily. Tago-oran noy ka baoy ni Minol su wà pad maponga ka kanami no baoy. We made temporary use of Minor’s house because our house wasn’t yet finished. 3Ogtago-oron ku to logdak ka logdak now. I’ll use your skirts temporarily. 4Tagtago-od kad. You start off first. (to leave ahead of someone and they’ll catch up later.) [Or do something meanwhile??] 5v To do something in the meantime, as between two tasks. Tulisi a, Kunsay, to baluy su totoytoy ad to ogtago-od ad. Kunsay, cut the mat material into strips for me first I’ll weave.
tago-urò v To care for someone's child. Ogtago-urò to anak din ko ogtalabau ka inoy. Oggibo-on ta ka batò. Ogpasusuon ta. She will take care of her child while the mother is working. She will hold the child on her lap. Have it nurse.| see: galat 1.
tagom n A kind of black rice.
tagorala That which is used to help supply the bride price for another man’s son.
tagpì 1n A flyswatter made of rattan. 2v To swat, clap, slap. Igtagpì to manduyawon. use it to sweat blowflies.
tagpos 1n A string of an instument such as a guitar or kuglung. Ka gitara, hon-om ka tagpos din di ka kuglung, darua rò. As for a guitar, it has six strings but a kuglung instrument only has two. 2v To string an instrument, as a kobbiung or kuglung. Ka otow no du-on kuglung, nigkuò to bislig no intagpos to kuglung din. A person who has a kuglung instrument, took bislig ratan and attached [them] to his kuglung. 3Slender.
tagtu-un n Owner. see: kamunoy; see fr.: kamunoy.
tagub n Bolo sheath; to sheathe. Itagub nu ka mo-irob. Sheathe your bolo.
tagù 1n Contents; to put into something. Konò ogkatagu-an to ulod. Bugs can’t get into it. see fr.: taya 1. 2n Container. 3Idiom meaning to be at a certain place. 4To live on the Liboganon river.
tagwak n A kind of heron. see fr.: bilù.
tahan see fr.: dagan.
tahud 1v respect 2v show respect to someone Diò to kanami, woy ogkatahuron noy ko noimu on no pogbuyagon. In our place, we don't show respect [to someone] unless they have been made a leader. 3 4 5 6 7
takang v 1To step, take a step. Tatolu no takang to batò. The child took three steps. Ko oghipanow ki, ogtakang ki. DB Nt 7/Feb/2006 When we walk, we take steps. Ko ogtakang ki man dò ogdi-ok ki. When we take another step we step down. [The word takang “take a step” can be either a forward or backward motion, whereas the sense of di-ok seems to be the act of putting one's foot down as one steps.] see: di-ok 1. 2Make baby walk from one person to another by holding on to its hands.
takarau 1Vulgar, ill-mannered woman. 2Stilts.
takas 1v To finish doing something. 2Endless.