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taloytoy adj unobstructed, as a broad view from the top of a mountain Ogmataloytoy, matul-id woy ma-awang ka pogsabut ta. The meaning is uncluttered, straight and our understanding [of the words] is clear. [DB was illustrating the contrast between an unclear wording with a clear view from a mountain top. He said when you climb up a mountain and get to the top you get a clear/unobstructed view.] ant: bugsong 1.
taloytoy1 ant: bugsong 2.
talò 1adj Noisy, talkative. see fr.: bukalò. 2v To pass through someone else's property, or rice field, kaingin. [Whether or not the plants are trampled is not the issue but whether an owner doesn't want someone passing through his field. The example below is based upon a belief that if someone passes through a field with a laku fox-like animal, the rice will smell the laku as it passes and will be poisoned by the odor. DB says if the rice wilts or dies and the owner finds out someone has passed through, the offender will be required to pay for the field. Sometimes a horse will be demanded.] 3Ko’gbitbiton ku ka laku dio’t kamot, kagi ni Amonggoy, “Kò nu’gtalo-i to sika laku, ogkamatoy ka homoy, ogtala-an to laku.” If I carry a fox (caught in a snare) through the rice field, daddy will say, “Don’t pass through the field with that fox; the rice will die if a fox passes through it.” Igtalò nu ka laku. You will go through the field with a fox.
talu 1n A splinter or thorn stepped on and broken off, part remaining in the foot. 2v Born after father’s death. Nakatalu si Kalara. Kalara was born after her father was murdered. 3Ogkatalu ka usig ko pala-os.
talu-angi n A kind of leaf that grows from the ground--long and narrow.
talugabi n A spider. Ko moon-ing ka lawo-lawò to talubagì, ogpanguiton ta to walis ka baloy to talubagì oyow ogka-awò. Ko ogkuiton nu ogkaragdag ka mgo lagut. If there are a lot of dirty spider webs, we brush off the webs (lit. houses) of the spiders so that they will be removed. When you brush them off, the debris drops to the floor. [Generic for spider. There are specific names for some other spiders such as the black, poisonous spider, kuhul, which lives in the ground but many spiders seem not to have names.] spec: kuhul, bitu-on 1.
talukow n Kuglung or kobbiung tune and dance.
talumbù n A new growth of bamboo before leafing out.
talumpung n A top which is spun with a string.
talung n Eggplant.
talunggawid n A kind of vine.
talun 1Wilderness, no inhabitants or houses. 2Wild animal or fowl, esp. a wild pig.
tamak v To stain Ogpakatamà ka lagot to kayu no dugu-an. The sap of the dugu-an tree stains [clothing]. Natamakan on. It’s stained already. [Such as.from certain lagot resins like from bananas. Not used of dyes for intentional staining of fabrics.] see fr.: kamansal 3.
taman 1v End or limit; measure of distance of height or length. Until Ko du-on ogko-iniatan no ogpangasawa, og-abalangon. Og-alukuyon ungod ka amoy taman to ogho-o on. If someone desires to get married, he will pursue it. He will continuously discuss it with the father [of the girl] until he agrees. see fr.: pola 2; see fr.: bungkù 3. 2v End 3n Purpose, reached achievement. 4Go as far as. 5Nigtaman a to warò bogayi. Stop with me in your giving; don’t give anyone else than me.?? 6Effectually caused to reach something. Konò ogkataman ko’gko-on. There’s no limit to his eating. i.e. He never stops eating. 7To go on endlessly.
tamà adj Correct, right. see: litos 1.
tambabò v 1To doubt, disbelieve. Og-awoson no warò ogtambabò to ignangonnangon din. It is necessary that no one will doubt that which he is telling them. Tambabo-on ta ka harayu. We doubt what the radio said. Tambabò koy to konò ogkaliwan. We doubt that it will be paid back. see: duarua. 2To be in doubt of someone's character or habits. Ko ogtambabo-on nu ka duma nu, nigdo-isokan nu to goinawa nu. If you are in doubt about your companions, you make them smaller in your hearts. [If a person takes the attitude that someone doesn't do anything they doubt ?? their companion.If they have conduct indicating that they konò ogkasaligan are not trustworthy, we would tambabò kandan.] 3To cause doubt about someone or something
tambad v To put something on the paga, (rack above the hearth.) Panambad to kayu. They will pile the wood on the rack.
tambal 1n Medicine, i.e. pills, drugs, etc. 2v To treat see: bulung 1.
tambal (Ceb) see fr.: bulung 5.
tambalò n A cave under the water; a long eel burrow, or tunnel, in the river bank under the water; it has a smaller hole or burrow opening above (panta-as) where the eel’s young are kept.
tamban n A kind of dried fish. [dried whole.]
tambanusuk n A striped eel.
tambas (poet.) Musical sound of kuglung.
tambiayung n A kind of watermelon.
tambog adv Enough. Tambog on. That’s enough. (when filling something.) see fr.: litos 1; see: litos 1.