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tambuku n 1A bright yellow fruit about the size of an egg; it tastes somewhat like cantaloupe, but has the seeds and texture of a cucumber. 2A crocodile egg.
tambul v To attend.
tamiluk 1n A sticky variety of bee’s wax from the non-stinging tamusan bee. used for adhering decorative seeds to a container or sticking frets on an instrument. [Made by various bees such as tamoing, patiukan, or tamusan (also called kiwot). Often used to stick stops on the kuglung; it is also used on a Jew’s harp to make it play; it also is used to pitch up the holes of a house to protect the occupants.] 1.1n Bee's wax used as above. 2v To spread with the sticky beeswax so to use as adhesive for frets or decoration.
tamo-ing n Small [Red??] honey bee that makes its nest in a hole in a tree. [These bees are smaller than the US honey bees. They can be domesticated in contrast to the patiukan of the forest which also produces honey but are more agressive.]
tamong phr.: talagtamong to gu-os. 1v Watch over; take care of, as children Ko konò kow ogtamong, pamanghò kow to ogkako-on. If you won't watch over [the children], go searching for something to eat. Ko oglo-ug ka inoy to batò no oghilamon, ipagalat din ka anak din diò to songo otow no ian ka ogtamong. When the mother of a child goes to weed [her field], she leaves her child in the care of someone else and that person watches over him/her. osyn: galat 1.1, tanud 2.1. 2v To keep vigil over, as of a body. Ogtatamong si Buntit ki Likanay. Buntit is keeping vigil over Likanay’s body. 3v To watch someone eat. 4n guardian see: talag-uyamu.
tamow n Intestinal worm of fish (po-it).
tampak 1v To insert into a hole or slot; to fit together Ka puspuru, nokogtampak ka lawa rin. The matchbox, its body was fitted together. [As when an extention is added to something, or as a knife is inserted into a handle, or the handle of an umbrella is inserted on the end of shaft, a pen is inserted into its cover or a matchbox into its lid. The component of tampak seems to imply that the item fits into the other part. The word suksuk would apply to a single match which was inserted inside the matchbox.] 2v Fit one part on another. Intampak ta ka so-ob to balpin diò to lawa rin. We fit the lid on the shaft (lit. body) of the ballpen. 3Arrowhead. 4Hip; thigh joint.
tampod 1v Cut off. [This seems to be generic as the length of the object which is cut or how much is cut off may vary and whether straight or at an angle, does not matter. If a small amount of hair is cut off, straight, pulpul is used, but if a lot of hair is removed, or if the style is tapered, the word would be tampod.] see fr.: tompug 1; spec: gotad 3, gotas, logtas 2, pulpul 1, gotad 1, gupal, logtas 1; see fr.: kotu; see fr.: bugsong 4; syn: tompug 3. 2v Terminate. see fr.: bongkag 4.1. 3v That which is used to cut something off. Ogsamboy a to gabas nu su igtampod ku to kayu. I will borrow your saw because I will use [it] to cut off[the ends] of wood. 4v To become inadvertenty severed or cut off. Ko ogkatangkoban ka dilò, ogkatampod. If the tongue is clamped down on [by one’s teeth], it may become inadvertantly severed. Natampod ka kayamoy no tindalikday ni Igi. Igì’s middle finger was inadvertently cut off. Ko nakabayò ka gakit to mababow, ka balagon no ingu-os, natobtob woy natampod to batu. When the raft passed through the shallow [water], the rattan which was used for holding it together was chewed off and severed by the stones. 5v To interrupt, or cut off, another's words. Ko ogkagi a no du-on otow no ogtampod to kagi ku, ogbugsong. Ko og-ampawan din ka kagi rin, igdo-isok. If I am speaking and there is a person who interrupts my speech, he messes it up. If someone overrides [another's words] with his words, it is disrespectful (lit. belittles) [to the other person]. spec: toptop, pulpul 1. 6vs To be interrupted as to be a different color as from the middle, as of a tail where the color is interrupted. Ogkatampod to mapotì ka ikug to ambow no kawwilì. The [color of the] tail of the kawwilì rat becomes white about midway (lit. is interrupted by white.). 7n An instrument used for cutting/sawing off something Du-on gabas noy no tatamporoy to atop. We had a saw which was an instrument for cutting off the roofing. 8Just a portion of a piece. 9A division of something. 10Upriver or downriver division of the river. (1) Maambagu, Kapugi, Mansalinow; (2) Togop, Banualoy, Langilan Panamporon ka kayu su iglaras dio’t dibabò. The trees are sawn in portions to be sent downriver. (Logging)
tamuk v To catch, intercept ??as a ball Wà din nasalabò ka indogbak su nigligad ka bula di nakatamuk ka dangob. He didn't catch the ball which was thrown because it passed him but another person was able to catch it. osyn: salabò.
tamundu n A white-ant hill. [Termite nest made of soil.]
tamusan phr.: baloy to tamusan. n A small, non-stinging honey bee.
tangkap 1v To spread something out, as stones on a road. Nigtangkap ka pogtapid din to nakatkat no batu su nigkarasan din. He spread out the scattered stones as he arranged them because he raked them. see fr.: bolobog 1. 2Cause to spread. Ko oghimu ka to kahun, du-on nu igpatangkap ka igbudbud nu no tabakù. When you make a box, that is where you will cause to spread out the tabacco which you will sprinkle. [In the following example, DB said one is sprinkling the seed back and forth so that the box will be full of plants.] 3To propagate, as a message. Igpatangkap ta ka kinagian to Magbobo-ot. We propagate (lit. cause to spread) the word of God. [DB sees the last two examples as being the same.]
tangkawal adj Tall. as of person or bird Ka malayat no otow, matangkawal. A tall person is tall.
tangkob v 1To latch onto, as a creature that bites and hangs on. Nakari-ok a to tapilak no dagas nigtangkob to pa-a ku. I inadvertently stepped on a centepede which immediately latched onto my foot. ant: silò 1. 2Clamp together, as jaws of person with tetanus. Ko ogdalu no ogsubla ka mo-init, ogtangkob ka bo-bò. If one is ill and the fever is excessive, his mouth clamps together. 3To be clamped down on, as tongue between one's teeth. Ko ogkatangkoban ka dilò, ogkatampod. If the tongue is clamped down on, it can be severed. 4To deliberately clamp down on something. Nigpatangkoban to boi ka bo-bò din to tinurù to ma-ama rin. The girl clamped her teeth (lit. mouth) on her brother's index finger. 5To go down, as the sun. Maga-an ki og-ulì su ogkatangkob on ka allow. We will be quick to return home because the sun will go down. Ka lituk to ogkatangkob ka allow, ogsalop on ka allow. Ogkaloplop on. The meaning of the sun going down is that it goes over the horizon. It goes out of sight. see: salop.
tangkod To stop bearing children. Ko konad og-anak, ogtangkod on. If she will no longer give-birth, she will stop bearing. see fr.: kimud; see: kimud.
tangkò 1v Facing, front. 2In front of. 3n The front of; in front of Takas sikan, du-on ogpati-ulug dii to tangka-an ta. After that, there was something that just caused to drop in front of us. 4v confront Ko ogsupmatan ta, oghondiò ki to baloy rin no diò ta ogtangkò kandin. Unawa ka supmat to ogtangka-an nu su ogkagion nu sikandin. If we confront [someone], we go to his house and there we will confront (lit. face) him. The [word] supmat is the same as that you are confronting (lit. facing) him because you speak to him. 5v To face, as someone whom one has wronged. No impo-umow on kandin oyow ogtangkò to sikan no pigtakawan din. And then he was called so that he would face that person from whom he had stolen see: sondit 1; see: supmat 1. 6v With negative: Not to give audience to, that is, not to see someone. Konò ogtangkò su dakol ka ogtalabawon din woy ogpalpalaguy sikandin. She would not give audience to him because she had a lot of work and also [because] she was avoiding (lit. running from) him. [Context of next example is of a woman who has pledged herself to marry someone so will not see another man who is trying to gain her attention.] 7v To point towards a given direction, as of footprints or compass Og-ikulon ta ka komos ko hondo-i ogtangkò. We will follow the footprints in whatever direction (lit. if where) towards which they are pointed. Ka tinurù din ka ogtangkò. Its pointer (lit. index finger) is what points toward a given direction. [The second example is DB's comment re a compass.] 8v To stand in front of Layun kow tangkò dini kanak.. Always stand in front of me...; show your face to me.. 9v To be facing each other as in a group. Ko diò ki to kalibulunganan, su ogpokogtangko-tangkò ki to ogpitow, ogpokog-iom-iom ki. When we are gathered together there, because we are looking at each other in front of us, we keep smiling at one another. 10To face each other. [Of two people ?? (Can it be two or more people/groups??)]
tangkulu 1n A headband. 2v To crown
tangkung n A kind of edible greens.
tangob v To block off with a fish trap (esp. a byway of water separated by a stretch of beach from the main body of the river.)
tangon n A floor brace.
tangtang v To remove something by pulling it apart or by rmoving nails
tangus 1v To slash with a bolo. Katangusan ki. We’ll get slashed. Natangusan si Adag. Adaw was slashed with a bolo. 2To fall flat on one’s face on the ground.
tanangow n A stink bug.
tanan v To abandon the house and fields of the newly dead, after disposing of the fruits. Konad ogpakako-on ka tagtu-un; katanan man. The owner can no longer eat; so it’s abandoned. [(The rice in the granary is eaten at the death feast and the rest scattered over the grave. The camotes are pulled up and eaten. The fields of unmatured crops are left to the nearest of kin; after the crops are eaten, the fields are abandoned. The rice and millet are not used for seed, and the camote plants are not replanted.) [212]]
tandog v 1Overshoot, as an arrow. Ko du-on otow no ogdaralu, ogbayung to nigtandog to gamot. Naan no nigsabukan on. If someone is ill, he accuses someone of using poison. He thinks he something was added t]o his water or food]. 2To call evil upon someone by practicing sorcery. [such as making us of someone's picture or a lock of their hair; to poison an enemy.]