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tandok v To aim one’s fist at the direction from which a dove calls.
tanlad n A fragrant herb used in cooking, looks like a tall grass.
tanob v To swim deeply underwater. [Nigtanob ka woig dio’t pantad.] The water [dried up??] and went underground??. Ka tanob, tongod dò to otow no nigsonob. Mananoy ogtunga. The [word] tanob, it just has to do with a person who swims underwater. He is slow to come up for air. osyn: sonob 1.
tanok v To steam, by cooking a very little bit of water (done to unripened rice or millet before pounding, in order to be able to eat it.)
tanow pron we all (1st person plural inclusive) oblique/source pronoun Datù tanow’n tibò The chief of all of us. Binayuon tanow ian. Let’s all of us pound [the rice].
tanò n 1Earth, ground, the world. Ogkukutkut ka asu su og-abalangon din ka ambow diò to lungag to tanò. The dog is digging because he is after the rat in the hole in the ground Mgo agpot ki rò kai to tanò. We are just temporary residents here on the earth. Ka tanò, nangotulkotul su moon-ing bubungan. The earth is bumpy because it has many mountains. Ka otow, no-otow kai to tanò. As for people, [they] are born ihere in the world (lit. on the earth). see fr.: kalibutan. 2a piece of land, as property Nig-agow ka ba-ad no tanò ku. Someone took away a portion of my land. Ko warò tanò dan, mgo agpot sikandan. If they don't have property (lit. land) [then] they are aliens. 3soil Ka sikan no agot-ot no tanò, malalab woy mammikot. Oghimuon no mgo kuron. Agot-ot soil is red and gooey. It is used to make clay pots.
tanud deriv.: pananuran. 1n Watchful care of other people. Ka tanud, du-on goinawa ta to ogkadoromdom to duma ta no waro ogkoimuan dan. The [word/custom of] watchfulness, we desire (have breath) to think about our neighbors/friends (lit. companions) who don't have any means [of caring for themselves]. 2v To watch over someone to make sure his/her needs are being met. Du-on inoy ta no buyag on ka nabalu on. Ka mgo anak ka ogtanudtanud ka ogbulig kandin ka du-on og-awoson din. We have a mother who is already old who is a widow. The children are the ones to watch over [her] to make sure to help her when she has needs. 2.1v To care for someone, such as a child. Ko du-on dod ka inoy to baloy, warò pad iggalat to anak din di litos to ogpatantanuran ka batò ko ogbuohon to kakoy su nigpanlaba ka inoy. Du-on dò ian to marani to baloy no ogdinogon din dò ka batò ko ogsinogow. If the mother is still at the house, [the term is] not yet iggalat leaving her child behind with someone but it is correct to have the child watched over by the older sibling because the mother will do laundry. She is near the house and will hear the child if he/she crys. osyn: galat 1.1, tamong 1. 3vs To be watchful or mindful of others. Katanud ka to ogbogoy to bogas to songo baloy ta. Be mindful to give rice to our neighbors. see: doromdom 6. 3.1vs Ka songo ogkatanuran ta to ogsagap so mgo manggi-anak no warò ogmango-onon dan su bitil kuntoon. [Someone else] whom we should likewise be mindful to give to are the widows who have nothing [for their family] to eat because there is a famine now. 3.2vs To show respect for someone who has died by being present at a wake.
tapa 1v To dry meat or fruit in the sun; preserve by drying. Nigtapa ka kuddò. The horsemeat was dried. 2A frame for slicing tuber or singeing pig.
tapad v To prohibit. see: saparan.
tapayò 1v To transfer from the palm of one person to that of another. 2Tapayo-on ku ka lagut. I’ll pour the tobacco shreds into your palm.
tapi-an n An arrow used for shooting doves. Ka tunud no du-on sasang, oghingaranan noy no tapi-an. An arrow which has barbs, we call a tapi-an
tapias v To reject something as being too small or insufficient. Aang-aang no tapiason ta su nigbogoy man kanta to piak. What we rejected was insufficient because he gave us a chick.
tapid 1v To put in order, arrange. see fr.: tonos 1. 2v To put in proper position, as a baby before birth. Ko ogkapanoy ogkatapid ka batò diò to diralom to gotok, oglomulan ka inoy ko og-anak. If the baby (lit. child) in the abdomen has been properly positioned ahead of time, the mother will have it easier when she gives birth. 3v To be orderly Ko og-ay-ayaran ka batasan ta ogmatapid ka kanta no pogko-otow. If we are careful about our conduct, our lives will be orderly. 4adj orderly, well-behaved Diò to kanami, og-awoson to matapid ki oyow konò ki ogkaboinan. In our place, it is necessary that we be well-behaved so that we won't be discredited (??) Ko ogka-asawa rin on, ogbulasan din on ka taloy-u no insabuk din oyow ogkatapid ka doromdom to sikan asawa rin. When they have become married, he will perform a cerimony to remove the charm which he placed [on her] so that his wife's thinking will become normal again. 5Drizzly light morning rain during time immediately following rice harvest (good for coming one’s bangs.) Bunu-on ki ko kò ki ogkatapid to limukon. We’ll be murdered if we aren’t set straight by the dove.
tapid ??
tapil n Blue spot on baby's rear common to Asian babies, sometimes known as a Mangolian spot.
tapilak n A centipede. Niggoram ad to alas to sikan no tapilak no nakakagat to pa-a ku. I felt the sting of that centepede which had bitten my foot.
tapol n A kind of black rice.
taptap n Beard, whiskers.
tapuk v A warning call of the omen dove limukon. Nigtapuk ka limukon. The dove called. Tapukon ki. It’s call was significant to us. [If a person goes out of his house and a dove calls at the same time, Oglimukanan. He will go back into his house and wait for about a half hour. If the dove does not call again he will go ahead but if it calls again he will not go because they believe this is a sign of danger.]
tapulog v To become contaminated or dirty by helping at birth or illness.
tapulun v To give relief or aid to a sick or injured person; help at birth.
tapus 1v To finish, end. Ka otow no nighimu to baloy rin, og-omotan din to ogtapus ka oghimu su ugpa-an din on. [As for] the person who is making a house, he works hard to finish making it because he will move in. Ko ogkatapusan to ogtubaran ka babuy no ogko-onan dan on. When they have finished sacrificing the pig, they eat it. Du-on otow no nigkakamot no nakatapus on to talabau rin. There was a person who cut a field and he was able to finish his work. see: ponga 1. 2n end see: katamanan.
tarangk su ?? n Influenza.
tarapal n tarp Du-on tarapal no insob-ung to baloy ni Ena. There is a tarp which was used to cap Ena's house. [Such as plastic covering for a temporary roof or protection from rain. Also includes the material used for a tent.]
tarayya n A fish net; to fish with a net.