Ata Manobo - English



Ibul ??? [One of three original Ata brothers (see Banlak, Boyboy); god of the souls of the dead within the depth of the earth.]
Inalutan n Name of steep mountain up near Maguimon; any steep mountain.
Indanan nu man.. phr. of: indan. You'd better believe that Indanan nu man to ... You’d better believe that...
i= 1Indicating the instument by which some action is performed such as to cut with a knife. 2Prefix indicating way or means of doing something 3that which is used for Og-abalangon ku ka baloy no nighimu ni Jeremy di warò pad igkabayad ku. I'm after the house that Jeremy made but I don't yet have anything with which to pay. Ka sikan no nigpa-abin din diò to songo otow, inpoid din ka salò din Sikan ka igwaro-warò din. That which he attributed to another person, was his means of hiding (lit. smoothing over) his fault. That was his means of denial. 4Indicating purpose for which something is being or has been done.
iakan 1??? [(Same as talabubung🙂 spirit that lives on top of Salangon Mt. beyond Kapalong. Chooses two couples at a time to precede others in ascending to heaven-evidently th one who takes people to heaven. Called upon for protection, receives sacrifices] 2Kuglung tune.
ial v To walk bouncy.
iam 1adj New. Nanhalin on diò to Maambago su nighimu to iam no landingan. They moved to Maambago because [they] had made a new airstrip. Pogka-awò ka tahan no doun, ogliwan to iam no ogpangabukad on to bulak. When the old leaves have come off, they are replaced by new [leaves] and the [the] tree buds with flowers. 2adv Newly (Recently) Ka sikan no maistra, iam pad mamatoy. As for that lady teacher, she had just newly died. Ko iam on ogsilò ka allow, ka baloy, ogkasugat to layag to allow no ogmalayat ka along. When the sun has newly arisen, [as for] a house, it will be struck by the rays of the sun and the shadow will become long. 3v Make something like new; renew Na-iaman to manta. He made the cloth like new.
ian part Intensifier; affirms information previously stated or understood
ian ₂ v 1To affect, or attack, as ants affect the growth of a plant. Kono ogtubù ka agoloy su og-ian to kayagkag. The corn won’t sprout because the small ants are affecting it. 2To mess around with such as to play around with, or make fun of small creatures Ka sikan no anit, logpad kun to Magbobo-ot to og-ian-ian to mgo ulod-ulod su ka mgo ulod-ulod, konò og-ulingol to mgo otow. As for that anit taboo, they say it is God punishment for messing around with creatures because, as for the creatures, they don’t bother people.
ian ₁ adv A specification particle pointing out some person or situation as the one about which information is being given.
ian dakol₂ phr. of: dakol. adj Biggest
ian dakol₁ adj biggest
ias n Maggots.
ibas v To cut betelnut in half (while holding in palm.) [Only applies to holding and cutting betelnut.]
ibid 1n Kind of iguana or large lizard. phr. of: kalasagan no ibid. 2deriv n A chicken with back-curling feathers on its head. gen: manuk 1.
ibog 1n A strong desire or craving for something. Ka miow, ko ogdatong ka ibog dan to lukos no ungud ogmasamuk ka ogmiawmiaw su sikan ka batasan to miow ko ogko-ibog to ogpa-anak. DB Dic Nt May/2006 As for a cat, when it's craving for a male [cat] arrives, it noisily miows because that is the conduct of a cat when it craves to have offspring. 2vs To be thirsty. Ogbuyù a to woig su ogko-ibog a. I’m asking for water because I am thirsty. see fr.: laklakalan. 3vs To stongly desire something such as to be hungry for some specific food or for merchandise in a store. Purut ka. Alam ka to ogko-ibogan nu. Take something. Choose that which you are hungry for (lit. which is craved by you). Ko nokoy ka ogko-ibogan din, ogbolion. Whatever he/she strongly desires, [he/she] buys it. 3.1vs (With negative)To not have an appetite or desire for food. Du-on allow no konò ki ogko-ibog. Og-alam ki to ogko-ibogan ta. There are days when we don’t have an appetite. We choose what we desire [to eat]. 3.2v To strongly crave for something such as a pregnant woman who craves for a particular food. Du-on ka iam no alunggun, ko ogpangiram ka boi, ogko-ibog-ibog to bogas to mangga no ogpogos to iglukos din to ogpakuò to mangga. Mangkuan ko du-on on, konad ogko-ibogan. There was a newly [married] couple, [and] when the woman was in the beginning of pregancy, she strongly craved the mango fruit and so she forced her spouce to get a mango [for her]. Later, when it was already there she was no longer hungry for it.
ibò n The sour fruit of a tree, craved by pregnant women.
ibung n Yaws.
id-id adj Scaly skin fungus like pagis - said to result from warming oneself by the fire.
igang 1n Limestone stalactites and stalagmites. 2v To walk slowly; waddle like a duck.
igbogoy, igdatong, igbo-ot, igpanungayow ?? see fr.: sondad.
igbuyag see fr.: ulu 2.
igdakol/ ogdakolon to goinawa phr. of: goinawa. Increase one's love for someone
ighoos ?? syn: lonus 2.
igit-igit n A kind of sour citrus fruit.