Ata Manobo - English



Kapalong n A river tributary the Ligobanon; a municipality; a village in the Kapalong river (also called Tagasan.)
Ki hontow phr. of: hontow. Whose
Kilagbong n Name of village on the Kapalong river downriver from Tagasan but very near Patil.
Kilagù n Name of a prominent creek awhich joins the Liboganon River at the northern end of the Mansalinao village.
Kilikili n Name of a village on the Liboganon river between Langan and Quipo
Ko-unus so goinawa. phr. of: unus. On the verge of fainting.; To be discouraged ??
ka part The.
ka= Non-intentive mode prefix of an action or event which is abilitative, non-intentional. In non-past time/aspect, the meaning may be subjunctive to refer to something which could or might happen, especially when used with the frustration/desiderative particle poron.
ka-ap-apu-an see fr.: minuna.
ka-aras syn: tiluk 2.
ka-awangan deriv n Clearing; atmosphere near the earth.
ka-ku-kow interj For goodness sake!
kaba-kabà n Butterfly; moth
kabal n A reddish color nocturnal animal similar and grows to nearly 3 feet long. It has a short hairy tail and sleeps in the daytime. It has skin attached from its forelegs to hindlegs. It hangs onto the bottom of a branch with all four legs when it is sleeping. Like a sloth, it travels in an upsidedown hanging position. Said to eat soft resin and fruits. Ka kabal, ogpasalulu to oghihipanow no mananoy lagboy to ogkawo-il. The kabal hangs back-side down when it walks and is exceedingly slow to move.
kabigtow ka goinawa phr. of: bigtow. die
kabil n Cloth [or abaka fiber] bag worn on back which holds personal belongings, lunch, clothing, betelnut. chew or other items. Ma-agkap ka kabil ku. DB 6/1/2005 My cloth backpack is lightweight. ant: salulu; see fr.: kopù 1; see: kinabalan.
kabitì n Kind of red camote.
kabog n Large fruit bat, said to have been changed from a fox.
kabolù see fr.: aras 2.
kabugkul n hawk (or hawk-eagle ??). Magolgol to piak ka kabugkul. The kabukul hawk/eagle is greedy for chicks. [Hawk or hawk-eagle resembling a sparrow hawk Described as a smaller than some other members of the banug “hawk/eagle” family. It has having a white head and breast. Nests on cliffs but also may nest at top of a tree. Although it preys on birds, it also eats fish from the river.] gen: banug.
kabuon n 1Kind of bird weighing around 3 kilos and has some grey markings with white streak on its head. It makes its nest in large trees in the mountains.from small sticks. 2Chocolate brown chicken with dark head and back and lighter brown elsewhere.
kabus v 1Corn cob with missing grains. Ka pusù to agoloy no waro nigtomu to ngipon din, sikan ka kabus no agoloy. The ear of corn in which the grains have not filled in, is corn which is which has not reached completion. [Because of an association between the corn which is missing grains with a person who doesnt get to eat his harvest, children are generally not allowed to eat corn which is missing teeth because it is believed that when the young person gets old enough tomake a field, he/she will die before eating his/her harvest.] 2To die before one harvests his field. Ka otow no ogkakamot to tu-id din no homoy di konò ogpoko-uma to ogga-ani to homoy rin su namatoy on, ogkabuson on sikandin no warad nakako-on to homoy rin. A person who makes a field for his yearly [crop of] rice but doesnt live (lit. arrive) to harvest his rice because he has died, he has died before reaching [his harvest]. and so did not get to eat his rice.
kabuyuan v Illnessness and headache of child or adult believed to have been caused by crying or skipping meals. Ka batò no ungod ogsinogow su nig-ingol to inoy rin ka oghilamun, ogdabuyuan on su ogdaralu on. A child who was continuously cring because he cried for his mother who was weeding a field, has a illness and headache caused by crying because he is becoming ill.
kadkad 1v To unravel as thread of a net or woven material. Ogkakadkad ka biaa ko ogpakasanggat ko warò nabuku to poghimu. A fishing net will ravel if it is caught on something unless (lit if not) it is knotted as it is being made. see: hokad 1. 2n Ravelling, as from material.or thread unwound from a spool.
kagat 1v Bite. spec: sakmag; osyn: dugmò, dulus. 2Dog which bites.