Ata Manobo - English



Lambayagan n Name of mountain around Maguimon.
Langilan n A village and a river at the head waters of the Liboganon to the east of the mountain range separating the Tigwa area from the Ata area.
Liboganon n A river flowing south from the NW corner of Davao Province joining the Salug river at Asuncion (Cabogonoy) to form the Tagum river which flow into the Davao gulf.
Lunis n Monday. Lunis ka. You come on Monday.
la-ag Lost.??
la-ak n A kind of bamboo. see fr.: kawayan.
la-ang n groin Ko oggoram ki to lobag no warò pad nigbugsi, ogmasakit ka logoylogoy ta kai to la-ang. If we experience swelling which has not yet burst, our lymph nodes here in our groin will hurt
la-as ???
la-in Different.
laag v To leave alone.?? Pakalaaglaag ka nigkuò to sika kuò ku. You leave my things alone.
laba 1v Launder. 2n Laundry.
labak n Warning of death by two dove calls simultaneously on both sides of a person so that the people return to or remain at home. Ko du-on ogbottolbottol no limukon no ogpokoglimang kanta du-on to kawanan woy gibang, sikan ka ogpakadoropa ki. Sikan ka labak. Ka lituk to labak, ogpakasagad ki to mangayow ko ogparagas ki. If there is a dove by an omen dove on our left and our right which happens simultaneoulys to our [doing something /going somewhere], that is when we have to stretch out our arms. That is the labak omen. The meaning of labak is that we will be caught by the raiders if we continue.
laban v Very. see: lagboy 1.
labas n Small dark lizard.
labdab v To roast in the fire.
labid 1v To weave with overlapping strands of rattan or twine, as when making fish traps or bird cages. 2Slim, having a narrow waist and flat stomach. 3v To become slim
lablab n Wild boar.
labod 1n A scratchy kind of weeds which grow among the rice and must be weeded. 2v To be scratched by something rough or abasive.
labog adj Deep sound, low note. ant: agting.
labot 1n To have social dealings or business with. Wà labot ku. It’s none of my business. Wà labot nu kanak. You have nothing to do with me and my affairs. see fr.: amung 2. 2v To meddle with or interfere. Ka mgo ulod-ulod, konò og-ulingol to mgo otow. No ka mgo otow ka oghilabot to sikan no ulod-ulod. The creatrures, they don't bother people. [But rather] it is people who meddle with those creatures. deriv. of: hilabot; see: amung 3. 3v To mate, or have sexual relations with Pakabunanat [ka ambow]- oghilabot to konò no unawa rin. The rat will become a mixed breed -- it mates with [a type of rat] which is not the same as itself. 3.1v To have extramartial affairs [These forms are context sensitive. It could mean to meddle with other people's things or with other people's spouses.] 3.2v To be messed with; to have been violated sexually.
labow 1v To exceed, as to be tallest in height. 2v To excel. 3v To disobey or go beyond someone's advice Konò oglabow to koykow no ignangon. [It's necessary] that [the girls] don't disobey what you have told. them. [The following was from advice given concerning young women who were staying in our home while attending school.] ant: pa-agad-agad 1. 4n 5n Middle finger.
labung 1n Supper Ka sikan no sausaukilom, tongod to mgo balubatò no ogmanhipanow takas to labung no og-ulì to a las unsi. As for that night-time travel, its about the young men who leave (lit. walk) after supper and return at eleven o'clock. 2Eat supper. Iam a pad niglabung kunto-on. I have just now newly eaten [supper]. 3v For guests to arrive at any mealtime so that they are invited to eat with the family. 4deriv n Suppertime.
lad-ang adj Tasteless; flavorless; Unpalatable. [Fresh water in contrast to salt water is also malad-ang because it does not have any flavor.]
laga-là v To cut up kolut like potato chips.
lagak 1v To lose, be lost. 2v To get repeatedly/thoroughly lost Ko du-on otow no ogpanumbaloy no ligkat to Kapalong, ogpatomu kanta diò to babalakan oyow ogpoko-untul [ogpakabatuk] to baloy ta oyow konò ogkalagaklagak. If someone visits from Kapalong, they meet us at the junction so that they can find our house so that they won't repeatedly get lost. 3lost 4n Kind of bird said to resemble robin but walks on the ground.