Ata Manobo - English



Magbobo-ot n God [This can refer to the supreme God or be used of beings which are believed to be gods.]
Magimon deriv.: gimon. n Name of a river north of Mansalinow which flows into the Liboganon River - also a village at the river junction. [Name was said to derive from people met long ago who were always smiling.]
Malikanu n An American.
Manikì n The Municipal town of Kapalong in Davao Province on the Liboganon River.
Mansalinow n A village on the Liboganon river just north of the mouth of the Kapugi river; a creek upriver from the village.
Maroyow to pogpitow phr. of: pitow. 1Beautiful 2To have a good attitude toward someone.
Mogbuga n Name of a creek.
m= affix for irrealis
ma-agkap ka pogdumaruma₂ phr. of: agkap. Harmonious relationship. Ko warò ig-ogot nu to duma nu, ogma-agkap ka pogdumaruma ta. Warò problima ta. If you have nothing for which to scold your companion, our companionship is harmonious. We don't have any problems [between us].
ma-agkap ka pogdumaruma₁ phrase
ma-agkap so bukod phr. of: agkap. For one's brow to relax. Ko du-on igkasasow to songo otow no ogkabuligan so goinawa rin, ogma-agkap so bukod din. If a person has a concern and then his breath is helped, his brow relaxes.
ma-ama 1n Brother of a girl; male cousin Ka amoy ni Buruy, ma-ama to inoy ni Elena. Buruy's father is Elena's mother's brother. Ka boi no du-on sulod din no lukos, ko kakoy woy ko hari, ma-ama rin sikandan. A woman who has a male cousin, whether older or younger [than she], will call him “brother” (or “male cousin”). 2n A male cousin to a girl or woman. Si Jeremy ka ma-ma-ama ku su inayon ku ka inoy rin. Jeremy is my male-cousin because his mother is my aunt. [In the example below, Jeremy is considered to be Arlyn's male cousin because Durung's wife is her mother's first cousin and therefore considered to be her aunt.] 3v For a woman to address her brother or male relative as “brother”. Ko du-on ogkasulod-sulod din no mgo lukos, songo ogkama-ma-ama rin dod sikandan. If she has male relatives, she also calls them “brother”.
ma-an v 1To become familiar with as a friend. Kama-anan ta. We will find out [about something]. [DB says that the above form and meaning is Dibabawon. But Ata Manobo would say something like, Katagaanan ta ka nokoy ka ignangon din. “We will find out what he will tell us.”] 2To find out about something. Ko oglogsad ka ariplanu diò to Maambago, moon-ing ka mgo otow no ogma-anma-an ko hontow ka inlonò no magaliug. No sikan ian to ogtagataga sikandan ka ogtagbu. When the airplane lands in Maambago, many people come to find out what guests have arrived. So that’s why they come to find out. [By asking or going personally to find out about something.] see fr.: dalangin 1; see: tagataga.
ma-awang see fr.: ilag 1.
ma-awang ka goinawa₁ phr. of: goinawa. To be happy, cheerful; to be at peace within oneself or with others; to have a clear conscience see fr.: banhow 1.
ma-awang ka goinawa₂ phrase To be at peace; have a clear conscience
ma-awang ka goinawa₃ phrase To have a clear conscience concerning something, or to have nothing against someone. 1.1v With negative: [Not] peaceful Ka sikan no ogka-aras, lagboy no konò ogma-awang ka goinawa rin. As for that [word] anxious, one feels especially not peaceful.
ma-awang so goinawa phr. of: goinawa. to feel peaceful; to be at peace [with others]; to have a clear conscience
ma-ung n Dark heavy material, as denim.
maan n Thousand. Ko ogso-ol ka mgo buyag to salapì, ogligkat to songo gatus taman to songo maan no pisus. When the older people add up money, they go from a hundred to a thousand pesos. [Among the younger people, the Ata Manobo term maan “thousand” has been largely replaced by the term libu.]
mabonbon adj 1Of any plant with many shoots, very strong, prolific, healthy, having thick stems. see: lapung 1; osyn: malapung. 2Strong, as of as current that is flowing down a mountainside and is very swift. Ka otow diò to bubungan, ogngaranan to mabonbon ka malogos no woig. A person in the mountains calls water which is swift, mabonbon. “strong”. see: tibug 1.
mabulut adj 1To have a firery temper, be fierce. 2Brave, as a child who is not afraid of an injection.
madmad 1vt To try to arouse someone, as a person who is unconscious. Ko ogkarayun on ka ogkamatoy, konad on ogkatagataga ko ogmadmaron ta. When a person who is dying goes into a coma, he is unaware (lit. doesn’t know)when we try to arouse him. 2vs (with negative) cannot be aroused. Ka otow no konad ogkamadmad ka ogdaralu, ogkarayunan on. A person who is ill and can no longer be aroused is going into a coma. [It is expected that death is immenent if a person cannot be aroused from an unconscious state.]