Ata Manobo - English



Ogbulungon see fr.: anok 2.
obay n Word used to address a monkey. Obay, dakol’n bubun nu? Monkey do you have large thighs?
obol 1n Smoke. Ka sikan no namu, ian igpaturuk to obol oyow ogko-obolan ka patiukan no og-awò. That namu torch, it is what is used to release ?? the smoke so that the bees will be smoked and leave. [The word igpaturuk is similar to ogkatolok in that the smoke is ascending] 2adj Smoky Ka hapuy, mo-obol. The fire is smoky. 3n Airborne dust Ka abug, obol no ligkat to tanò. Abug is airborn dust from the ground. [Both abug and obol refer to dust or a powdery substance which is airborne. Even fine soil which is not airborne is considered to be basak “soil”.] see: abug 1. 4v For something to be deliberately exposed to smoke. Du-on kayu no ogngaranan to gisois no ian igpanomog diò to homoy oyow ogko-obolan. There is a [kind of] wood which is called gisois which is ignited there by the rice so that it will be smoked. [The purpose of the following is to kill insects or to get honey.] 5v To be inadvertantly exposed to smoke Ko ogtotomog ka to hapuy no oghiupan nu, ogko-obolan ka mata nu no ogmaporos on. If you build a fire and blow on it, you will get smoke in your eyes and they start smarting. 6v Something used to make smoke Ka igpulag, sikan ka igpo-obol no ogkarogil ka patiukan The smoking torch, that is what is used to make smoke to drive out the bees. see: pulag.
obos v to humble one's self Ka molungangon, konò no ubaton, konò ogwangal, ogkaallok no oghimu to maro-ot, ogpo-obos; ko ogko-ogotan, konò ogsagman. Ogpalingowlingow rò du-on; konò din ogsagmanon. As for the person of good character, [he] isn't a liar, he doesn't [start] scandals. He is afraid to do bad things. He humbles himself. If he is scolded, he doesn't let it bother him; he just [purposely] forgets it; he doesn't pay attention to it.
obuk 1vt To extinguish a fire. Ka baloy no ogkasilaban, awos to og-obukan. The how that has caught fire, it's necessary see fr.: parong 2. 2v To obliterate, as footprints. Igpo-obuk to komos ka uran. The rain will obliterate the footprints. see: bunbun 1.
obul 1adj Murky but not muddy water, quick to clear up. 2adj Murky. Ka woig, mo-obul. The water is murky. 3adj grey Mo-obul ka kinabò. The shirt is grey. ant: mapotì. 4Grey. 5A multicolored cat.??
obù 1v If a body part is not made explicit, DB says they will cut the body open to remove contents of the stomach including intestines, atoloy, lungs. Ka otow no og-iyow to babuy, og-obu-an ka gotok su og-awo-on ka bituka rin. The person who slaughters a pig by cutting its throat, he cuts open the stomach because he will remove its intestines. [There is a question here whether these two kinds of obù are two senses or if the second is an extention of meaning. The underlying meaning of obù seems to be to cut and open up some part of the anatomy.] 2v to be operated on. Ka boi no ogkoirapan ka og-anak, og-obu-an ka gotok oyow igpalibbuas ka batò. The woman who is having difficulty as she gives birth, her stomach will be opened up so the child can be caused to be taken out. Ka sikan no nig-ulì a ligkat to Davao no nig-obu-an ka ulu ku, nigpamula koy to homoy. At that [time] when I returned from Davao when my head had been operated on, we planted rice. Ka nig-alap ku ka anak ku diò to dibabò, woy on obu-i to duktul ko a las siis on to masolom. When I took my daughter (lit. offspring) down river, it wasn't until six o'clock in the morning when she was operated on. 3?? Inobu-an to bilog. The trunk of an eel.
oddis interj Opps; exclamation said when something falls or is dropped.
og= Prefix indicating non-past, that is present or future; also marks continuation in past.
ogba v To harvest rice, millet, beans.
ogbabantoy see fr.: sulow 2.
oggung v To croon or chant words in falsetto while playing the kobbiung.
ogka-alimotow see fr.: andal 2.
ogkabigtow ka goinawa phr. of: goinawa. to faint, pass out or die (lit. breath snapped)
ogkakono-konò see fr.: kogò, og== 1.1.
ogkalayagan syn: silò 4.
ogkatibug v
ogko-opos ka goinawa phr. of: opos. To get fed up, or out of patience with someone Hagtongid to ogkagi su ogko-opos on ka goinawa ku koykow no ogpaka-atu ad koykow. Quit talking because I will get fed up with you and I will happen to react in an undesirable manner against you.
ogko-uli-an [no=] on so goinawa phr. of: goinawa. To recover emotionally from some traumatic event. No-uli-an on so goinawa ta to igkaallok ta to mangayow. We recovered from our fear of the raiders.
ogkohimu see fr.: pakoy 1.
oglagdong ka mata phr. of: lagdong. To stare. Oglagdong ka mata ogtotongtong. The eye becomes long; [you are] staring.