Ata Manobo - English



Pipisan n Name of a river and/or the village on this river which is just south of Maambago.
pa= 1cause to happen.) Ogmanmamò su naan no igpakogal to mgo ngipon dan. They chew betelnut because they suppose it will make their teeth hard. 2To let or allow someone to do something. Takas din to niggamit, impasamboy rin man dò to songo otow. After he used [the saw], he let someone else (lit. a certain person) borrow it next. 3To have or cause someone else to do something 4To allow oneself to do or experience something [If one drinks one causes or allows oneself to become drunk.]
pa-a phr.: pa-a to limukon. n 1Foot or leg. Ko nig-a-ambutut a, warò nigdakot ka pa-a ku to simitu. My feet did not touch the cement. Tibò ayam du-on agasan di ka manuk, warò su kai to kiliran ka pa-a ran. All domesticated animals have hips but chickens don't because their legs are attached to their sides. see fr.: pakow 4. 2Center parts of leg tatoo.
pa-a to limukon phr. of: pa-a. Kind of sugarcane.
pa-agad-agad v 1To obey or to submit to someone in authority, or to fulfill someone’s request Du-on dakol no pulus ko ogpa-agad-agad ki to innangon to amoy ta. There is great value if we obey our father. Du-on ogpa-agad-agad no ogkapogos ka goinawa rin, no du-on ogpa-agad-agad no ma-ali-alì. There are those who obey against their will (lit. whose breath is forced), and there are those who willingly obey (lit. who obey who are industrious). [The meaning of this word includes, but goes beyond the concept of obedience. It is used of children obeying parents but it is also used of spouses who fulfill the requests of their partners. It also used of taking, or not taking, the suggestions of others who are respected but not necessarily in authority.] see: pamminog 1; ant: labow 3; see fr.: babali; see: tuman 1; see fr.: dinog 2.1; see fr.: tuman 1; see fr.: pamminog 2. 2To agree, or to go along with a suggestion Agad nokoy ka ignangon ku, konò ogpa-agad-agad ka inoy ku no og-ugpò diò to dangob no anak din. No matter what I said, my mother would not agree to stay with her other daughter (lit. offspring). (or ...she would not [go along with the suggestion] that she stay with her other daughter). osyn: ho-o 2.
paan n Bread.
paanan n A grown pig.
pabakbakusoy spec: bu-og 2.
pabba v To burn snails for lime.
pabunbuno-oy see fr.: bulang 2.
pad part 1Just, for a while, next, first Songo buan pad niglosut? Were they born just a month ago? Ka mgo otow no ogmangali to mundu, og-ug-ug to mundu dio to woig su oglu-an dan pad As for the people who dig comotes, they dumpt the comotes into the water because they will wash them first. [Such as in this recent span of time.] 2With negative: [Not] yet Wà pad matapid. They are not arranged yet. Kò pad. Don’t do it yet. 3First Manhirogò kow pad. You sleep first. Nig-utang ku pad ka kuddò nu no ka sukut, og-inso-on nu ka bayad to kuddò nu. I credited your horse first and then [as for] collecting, you will ask about the payment for your horse. [To do first or to do next before doing something else.] 4For a while Oghalin a pad to songo ugpa-an. I'm going to move to some other place for a while. Ko ogka-agkapan, ogkohonat kow kunto-on diò to Maambago su ngilaman pad to mangayow. If [you] feel unsafe, leave together now for Maambao because it is a time to be alert for raiders for a while. 5just, as respecting time Kunto-on pad. Just now. Oghun-a a ogpurut to kuddò nu no asolom ka pad on oghondiò to baloy ku no og-insò ko du-on igbayad ku. I will take your horse ahead of time and then the next day you will just go to my house and inquire whether I have something to use for payment.
padpad 1vs To drop off, as petals or leaves Ko ogkalugoy on ogkapadpad on ka mgo bulak dan. After (lit. when) a long time, their flowers/petals drop off. Agad ka mgo doun, songo ogkapadpad ko ogdulu. Even the leaves, they also drop off when they shed. see fr.: dulu 1; see fr.: gotan. 2v To slap a basket on the bottom in order to loosen every last crumb or grain. Ko du-on maligsom to lirong, padparan nu pà. If there is [something] dirty on the winnowing tray, tap it on the bottom [so the dirt/debris will drop off]. see: taktak.
paga n Platform above the hearth used for drying wood.
pagaganò see fr.: korog.
pagal v To overwork someone. ??
pagamayan adj Large, as a person’s body; huge, as a ship. see: rolly-polly; see: dakol 1.
pagang n Cock’s comb. see: sulang.
pagba 1v To make into lime Papagba ka to apug. Make lime. 2vt The process of making lime. Ka lawa to bibi, oglimuron no ogpagbolon no ogkuyaban ka hapuy. The clam shells (lit. body) are gathered together to be processed into lime.
paggabak v To spread out one’s wings or arms.
pagindalan see fr.: dalangin 4.
paginpulus see fr.: salig 6.
pagis 1n Fungal disease of the skin. [Itchy skin disease said to be contagious, perhaps a [mild] form of “double skin”.] see fr.: ko-ub; see fr.: dusdus. 2deriv n Someone who has fungal infection of skin.
pagkol v Be stubborn
pagopù see fr.: ligtù 1.
pagtù v To tie bamboos together and set afire so that they will explode and cause it to rain.