Ata Manobo - English



gampas v To pay oneself back for an unpaid debt by taking something belonging to another. see: go-on 1.1.
gamut n 1Poison used to harm or kill an enemy. Ka gamut, agad nokoy ka ogpokohilu, unawa to tayuran [commucial poison.] Ka duma, ogkagamut ka ighilu to ambow. As for poison, whatever is able to poison such as tayuran [a commercial poison]. As for other, rat poison can poison [an enemy]. [This poison may be an actual poison or something which someone has performed using witchcraft. An attack by bees or a severely dehabilitating illness with a sudden onset such as cholera may be suspected to be due to witchcraft. A cure or an antidote will be sought. If a person suddenly dies of illness after visiting another village, witchcraft may be assumed and a revenge killing may follow. ] ant: tokas; ant: alang 1; osyn: hilu. 2Hex, as a sickness or death brought on by use of a fetish or witchcraft. Ka gamut, ogsabukan ki oyow maga-an ki ogkamatoy. As for a hex it is placed on us so that we will quickly die. Gamutan ki. We’ll be poisoned/hexed. see fr.: busung 1.
gangan n Plain red material (used for blouses).
gangu vs To become dry, as plants or clothing. Ko oglaba ki to manggad, agad warò amana allow igkarampil ta rod su ogkagangu rod ko ogkakalamagan. When we wash clothes, even if there isn't very much sunshine we can still dry them in the sun because they will still become dry if they will be blown in the wind. [This is thepotential result of various means of drying. If the sun is not hot, the item may not become dry.] spec: dampil 1; gen: toluk.
ganat 1v To band with metal; gold or brass trim, such as on spear. [When wire is wrapped around the end of a spear, if it is removed, it is like a spring because the coils remain and retract when spread apart, so the word is also used for a wire spring. (This type of decoration can also used on an elder person's cane or other articles.)] 2n A spring. Ko iam ka ganat, konò ogkakanat su mabogong. If/when a spring is new, it cannot be stretched because it is strong.
gandul adj Chubby.
ganlat v Pull camotes up by the roots.
ganna adv Earlier; little while ago the same day.
ganò v 1Pack to go. 2To engage in necromancy, commune with the spirits of the dead. 3One who engages in necromancy. [Fasts and predicts when people will ascend; claimed he will be god when he dies and ascends] see: bailan. 4Go into a trance ??
ganti v 1To reciprocate in work. Sampulù koy no otow ka ogpagagantioy to ogkamot to tu-id. We are ten people who willreciprically help one another to cut fields. [If ten persons have agreed to work in each others fields, they obligate themselves to be there. The group will not work if not all of them come. If one is ill, he/she will pay someone to take that person's place. (Ceb word means to give as a reward or praise which is different from Ata Manobo meaning.)] see: bulig; see: awon 2. 2Help each other.
gantung n Raft made of wood. gen: gakit 1.
ganuy v 1To drag, haul, pull, tow. Ogganuyon ta ka balagon ko og-ulì ki diò to baloy. We drag the rattan when we return to the house Ko ogpalawod ki to gakit diò to dibabò, ko og-ulì ki ogganuyon ta rò ka gakit ta to ogsubò. When we go downriver by raft, when we return we pull the gakit in going upriver against the current. Ogkoirapan ka kalabow no ogganuy to kangga no oglinaglag to agoloy ko du-on og-untud. The carabao which is pulling a cart as it hauls corn will experience difficulty if there are those who ride on it. Ko du-on "jeep" no nasirà no awos no og-alapon diò to "shop" oyow ogdoyroyawon, songo igpaganuy rod to dangob no jeep. If there is a jeep which is broken down which needs to be taken to a shop for repair, [they] also have it towed by another jeep. Ogganuyon ta ka balagon ko og-ulì ki diò to baloy. We drag the rattan when we return to the house. [The meaning components of ganuy include alap “carry” and tuyuk “tether as with a rope” except with rattan one just takes hold of the larger base of the stem and drags the rattan.] see: alap 1; see: husud 2; see: tuyuk. 2To use, as a word. Ka diò to Sulit, Langilan, Banuwaloy, Kapugi, Pipisan, sikan ka ogkaganuy ran no kinagian. Those in Sulit, Langilan, Banuwaloy, Kapugi, [and] Pipisan, that is the [word] they use.
gapas phr.: sugpang to gapas. n 1Cotton. 2A tree with cotton-like pods which can be used for pillows. It can also be spun into thread. [DB says this plant will only bear one crop and then die. (ck if this is same plant or different. DB says it is not the same as kapok.] 3A kind of white camote.
gapon v 1To chase. Ko du-on darua no ogpalawod no ka sagboka oghun-a, oggapunon on ka nokohun-a no ogko-umaan din on. If there are two [people] who are going downriver [by raft] and one goes ahead [of the other], [the one left behind] will chase the one which got ahead and will catch up with him. 2Pursue, as someone fleeing. Ko du-on ka ogpalaguy, oggapunan ta oyow ogko-umaan ta. If someone is fleeing, we pursue them so that we will catch up with them. [There may be two or three who will join together to pursue the one(s) fleeing.] 2.1An order for someone to chase or pursue someone.
gapun 1n Cloud. Ka makopal no gapun no mo-itom, kibol. Og-uran sikan. Ka mo-ilom no kibol, ko ogmapotì on, oglugsù on ka uran. The thick, black clouds are thunderheads. Those will [cause it to] rain. The black thunderheads, if they become white, they will [cause it] to rain hard. spec: butakù 1, kibol. 2White clouds, mist, fog Ka bilisbilis, ligkat to salagapun no ogpanulu-tulù. The misty rain, it comes from the fog which drips.
gapù v To pile up in a disorderly fashion brush and logs.
gasap v To cut and trim stalks and tips from any kind of bamboo. Ka bulu, oggasapon to otow ka ig-alabat to baloy rin. Smooth bamboo is cut and trimmed by a person to use to make a wall for his house. see: abat 2.
gasò 1adj Skinny; emaciated. Ka otow no magasò, warad amana sapù to lawa. The person who is emaciated has hardly any flesh left on his/her body. see: hag-os. 2adj To become skinny, such as malnourished plants. Ogmagasò ka agoloy. Ogmalintok ka pusù. The corn will be skinny. The ears will be small. see: lintok 2; see fr.: nipis 5. 2.1v Cause to become thin or emaciated.
gastu 1n Brideprice. Pananglitan, ko du-on ogpangasawa, no ian dò ogka-alukuy ko songo monu ka igbotad no gastu to sikan no boi. For example, if someone is getting married, the only thing they will be discussing is how much brideprice they will give up front for that girl. 2v To pay a brideprice. 3v That which is used as payment for a brideprice.
gatas n 1Milk. 2A kind of vine that’s used to make a drink for a mother.
gatow v 1To protrude above the surface of something such as a shark’s fin protrudes from the water or as veins protrude from the skin. Ko oggasa-an ka otow, oggatow ka pangkul din. When a person becomes emaciated, the side of his hip bone protrudes. see: kotul 4. 2A person who has many veins which protrude above the skin. Ka otow no gatawan, ogkito-on ka ugat to bolad din su oggatow on. Ogkotul. As for the person who has many visible veins, his veins can be seen because they protrude.
gatus phr.: songo gatus; phr.: darua no gatus. 1n Hundred. 2A hundred.
gawa v To trip over something.
gawhan v To clear field of brush and unwanted plants, etc.
gawod n Vines that hang from trees.