Ata Manobo - English



gawoy 1n A trick to deceive. Kagi to anggam ku, “Ogngilam ki su gawoy rin so-ini.” My uncle said, "Let's be alert because this is his trick." 2v To deceive, trick. Ko og-ayaton ka to ogpasalò, oggawayan ka. If/when you are enticed to sin, you are being deceived. cf: ayat 1; see fr.: ubat 3; see fr.: libù. 2.1v Something used to deceive. Ingawoy nu rò kanami oyow ogpoko-orok ka. You just used it to trick us so that you would be able to sow [your field].
gayad 1n Dried green tobacco. 2v A heap of tabacco.
giba 1v To hold on the lap; (also to indicate relationship of siblings to one another). 2deriv n Younger sibling next in age. 3v To be the younger sibling next of age. Panganoy si Tungonu, oggibo-on din, inoy ni Dusing, gibo-on to inoy ni Dusing, inoy ni Luluy. Tungonu is the oldest, after him comes Dusing’s mother, after Dusing’s mother comes Luluy’s mother. 4Relationship between the older and younger siblings closest in age. Pagibgibo-oy si Lugtom ki Gibangon. Lugtom has the older-younger sibling relationship with Gibangon. 5v To sit on someone's lap.
gibang v left (as left hand); to one's left ant: kawanan.
gibis 1v To cut somethinginto strips as material or when making a mat. 2n Scraps, as of material, paper or mat material.
gilang 1v To cut the neck of a pig or chicken. 2To complete (poet.) Naanggilanggilangan so-i baoy. This house was completed.
giman n Trap which strikes and pins a rat or mouse, esp. a rattan rat trap set up in the house.
gimbal n Drum made of hollowed out section of tree covered with deerskin.
gimon deriv. of: Magimon. v To smile see: ngisi 1; see: iom.
gimuat v To open one’s eyes; of blind, to have one’s sight restored.
gimukud n Soul, that part of one’s being which acts in a dream; after death, the soul goes to the underwold, to Ma-ibuan (Ibul); also said to be the same as busow.
gimun v Smile.
ging-it v To smile laugh with one’s mouth closed, not showing one’s teeth. Ka otow no ogging-it, ogti-om ko ogngisi. Songo otow rò ka ogko-iling. The person who laughs without showing his teeth keeps his mouth closed when he laughs. Just some people do that.
gingow n Kind of large fish.
gingò v To carve a design into wood with a sharp instrument.
gindawanan n Knowledge; To be knowledgable about something. [DB does not know of a familiar spirit by that name.]
ginibang n Wide headed collar.
ginoboy n Small covered basket.
ginupit to murus phr. of: gupit. Muslim haircut??
gipud v To shed fur; to rot from water, as house posts.
gira n International war.
gisì v To tear, rip.
gisois n A forest plant which, if burned, can be used as a treatment for a blighted field. gen: alang 2.
gitas v Cracked, as of bolo blade or axe. [If it is of a person; he has a wound: oggitas; niggitas.]
gitò n Juice or sap of various vegetables and fruits such as sweet potatoes (camote), bananas, squash. (The sap of the pangi called lagas or the poisonous tuber kolut must be removed by soaking.) Du-on gitò to lagas woy to kolut. There is poisonous sap in the seeds of the pangi and in the kolut tuber. gen: lagot.