Ata Manobo - English



giugiu vs 1To be excited as someone about to ride in an airplane for the first time. osyn: dalapan. 2Keyed up as when feeling rushed to leave on a trip. osyn: dalapan.
go-od n Lumber or wood poles used in framework of house. Duon otow no nigsapsap to go-od din no ighimu rin to baloy. There was someone who smoothed off his lumber [with a knife] with which he was making a house. [These vary in diameter from about 2 inches by 2 inches or 2 by 3, but thin wood for flooring is called tabla “lumber” or inak-ak if it has been split rather than sawn.]
go-on v To seize or confiscate something, usually an animal, for payment of a debt or to reclaim something, as an animal, which has not been paid for. 1.1v To be seized or confiscated, usually an animal for payment of a debt. "Maniò to ian a now ogkago-onan to kuddò ka warò utang ku kaniu?" “Why is it that I am the one from whom you confiscate a horse for a debt [when] I have no debt to you?” [Property seized is often not that of the debtor but may belong to another relative or member of the same village. As a result, the delinquent party may be pressured by village officials to repay the debt. If he/she cannot, others in the village may cover the debt, particularly if such intervention is needed to prevent an act of violence in retaliation due to the loss of an animal.] see fr.: gampas.
go-un dial. var. of gakap
goban v To plant rice out of season; said to be unwise because of the worms eating it.
gobù v To accuse falsely.
gogoyangas v To make a crunchy sound as when chewing crisp crackers or someone walks through dry vegetation or wads up a crisp cellophane bag. Also applies to the wheezy sound in a person’s lungs who has pneumonia. Konad on oggogoyangas ko ogko-ononon ta. [Stale crackers] no longer sound crunchy when we eat them. 1.1v Many people making a cruchy sound as they walk over dry vegetation. Ogkagi to, “Ogmangogoyangas ka du-on.” [Someone] will say, “There is the crunching sound [of many footsteps in the leaves].” [If such a sound is heard at night people warn their companions to be quiet because there are people who are hanging around the houses to spy.]
goinawa phr.: moomul ka goinawa; phr.: warò goinawa [for someone]; phr.: kohulus so goinawa; phr.: ogko-uli-an [no=] on so goinawa; phr.: dakol ka goinawa (to songo otow to dangob); phr.: naponù ka goinawa; phr.: maroyow ka goinawa (to songo otow); phr.: igdakol/ ogdakolon to goinawa; phr.: ko-opos so goinawa; phr.: malanang/malonang so goinawa; phr.: sokol ka goinawa; phr.: ma-awang so goinawa; phr.: ma-awang ka goinawa; phr.: ogkabigtow ka goinawa; phr.: du-on goinawa (to songo otow); phr.: masakit ka goinawa; phr.: nigdakol ka goinawa [no object]; phr.: maro-ot ka goinawa [towards someone]. 1n breath 2n be alive Ka tibò no du-on goinawa, ka otow ko mgo ulod-ulod, tibò ki ogkammatoy kai to kalibutan. Everything which lives (lit. has breath), all of us here on earth die. 3n desire, preference Goinawa ku It is my desire.. [One's breath is considered to be the seat of the affections and is used to describe one's desire, or a very wide range of emotions. At death, one's goinawa “spirit” (lit. breath) leaves the body along with the gimukud “soul”.] 4v 5to breathe 6figurative: to take someone into one's heart; to internalize; to believe in Ko inggogoinawa ku si Hisus... (from May-as - ck verb form or replace example). “When I internalized [or “believed in”] Jesus...”
goinawa no ma-agkap phr. of: agkap. to be confident, or seemingly unconcerned Amana so goinawa nu no ma-agkap! How (lit. enough) can you be so confident! Ko du-on ogkito-on ta no duma ta no warò ta pad tila-a, ma-agkap so goinawa ta kandin. Ma-awang ka goinawa ta. Ogpakasalig ki kandin. If we see someone to whom we are related whom we have not yet met, we feel confident toward him. We feel an openness (lit. clear breath [between us]. We are able to trust him. [The following was the surprised response of neighbors who wondered how he could stay peaceful/calm when he was being threatened and verbally abused.]
gokut v To bend body in half so that one’s head is in his lap (as monkeys sit).
golang n Hill forested with tall tress.
golgol adj Greedy see fr.: kombul 2.
golì v Chop down a huge tree. ?? gen: bangbang 2.
golong 1n Wrinkle in skin or flesh of fat person, or a baby. see fr.: kulis 1. 2A groove such as in skin ;or the line. on one’s palm. Ka otow du-on kulis to palad din, no ian ka golong to palad to bolad din. A person who has a line in his palm, that is the groove in the palm of his hand. see: kulis 1.
golut n A stem of a plant such as sweet potatoe. Ogpamakul koy bag kunto-on to golut to mundù su nakasilab koy to kamot noy. We will plant camote stems today because we have burned our fields.
gomawan n doorway
gomow 1v To go up, climb a mountain, enter a house. 2Doorway into house.
gongon v 1To grasp, hold onto. Ko du-on ogkagongonan on, sikan ka og-ak-akonan on. If there is something being held onto, that is being drawn to oneself. see: akon 1; see: nugun1. 2To lay hands on for healing.
gonhow vs To experience, be physically cold.
gonnow vs To feel cold. Oghinarang ki to hapuy ko oghagsilan ki ko marani on ogkapawò. When it is becoming dawn, the wind is cold and we feel cold. cf: hagsil 3.
goon v to be able to manage, handle (some responsibility or problem) Konò a ogpakalogon to sikan no mabogat no problima. I can't carry that heavy burden.
gopak v To break one’s jaw.
gopang v To break, as of glass, water pole, cooking pot; to crack. see fr.: posò.
gopas v 1To lie in wait; ambush. as an enemy on the trail. see fr.: bantang 3.1; see fr.: gopasan 1; see fr.: olot 2; see fr.: bangan 2. 1.1To come out of hiding to attack something, as an person or animal. Ko kai og-ugpò ka magintalunan to taliwarò, oglinglingutan on to mgo otow ka oggopas. If the wild [pig] is here in the middle, the people will surround it as they come out of hiding to attack it 2To wait in readiness for something, as for a hoop that is rolled at which he/she will attempt to cast an object through the center as it passes. Ka sagboka no otow, oggopas to sikan no bangkalow no ogkalilid. As for one person, he/she waits in readiness [to spear] that hoop which will be rolling.
gopasan 1n Ambus:h a children’s game of raiders. Ka mgo batò no ogli-ag, oggopasan dan ka mgo duma ran diò to dalan. The children who are playing ambush their companions on the path. see: gopas 1. 2v To be ambused.