Ata Manobo - English



gula 1n A recipe or mixture of meat or vegetables to accompany the staple of a meal. 2v To make a make a recipe or mixture of meat or vegetables to go along with the staple of a meal. Ka otow no oggulay to tubod, ogkagud to niug no iggatà din. A person who makes a recipe from the tubod plant, grates the coconut with which he makes coconut milk.
gulabung 1n Sunny, dry weather. Ko tig-allow, malayat no gulabung. When it is summer (lit. the time of sunshine), the sunny, dry weather is long. see fr.: allow 5. 1.1v To become dry, as weather. 2deriv n Dry season. Ko tiggulabung on no malayat on ka pog-allow no ogkakaligtung on ka mgo bo-ugan no ogkoko-otian on to oggulabung. When it is dry season then the sunny period is prolonged (lit. sunny days are long) and the creeks become puddles as they dry up from the dry weather.
gulak v 1To intentionally dismantle or take something apart such as a raft or the body of a house. [In later case, they would leave the posts standing.] cf: bongkag 1. 2To become dismantled or come apart. Ko diò ta to so-og isabuk ka harayu, naan pà ko ogkari-okan woy ko ogkagulak on. If we place the radio on the floor, it is likely that it will be stepped on or come apart. 3Dishevelled, as cord or thread. Ka kuralun ku, no-ulug to lamisaan no nabalingotngot su nagulak on su na-awò to nigliboran. My [nylon] cord fell from the table and became tangled because it became dishevelled because it came off of the spool (lit. where it was wound).
gulamita n Explosive for killing fish (doesn’t have to be lit); gunpowder.
gulibid 1v To twist. 2Nagulibid so bibig nu? Is your lip twisted?
guligow v To stir, especially as something cooking. see fr.: koil; see: koil; osyn: ligot 4; see fr.: bulalù 1; gen: gowgow; see fr.: gowgow.
guliguli 1adj To move about in all directions as children who are playing. Ko moon-ing ka mgo batò no ogmanlili-ag, ogmanguliguli ka konò ogkatolon no oghihipanow. Ogpokogsubalsubal. When many children are playing, they move about [in all directions ]as they don't stay in one place. They are going in different directions. 2v To wiggle, as the movement of many bodies or tails of something like chicks or ducks before they are fully feathered or of creatures like worms. Mangguliguli ka mgo ias to babuy no namatoy. see: bolodbolod; see: wo-il 3; see: hibukhibuk.
guloy v To cut up in pieces by directing blows at right angles to the wood; to split wood.
gulò 1vt To get a bonzana as a huge catch of fish or a jackpot in gambling. Du-on otow no niggulò to dakol no ngalap no no-utol to namyala. There was a person who got a bonzana of a large amount of fish which he caught with a net. Ko malasi ogturas to baraha, ungod oggulò. If one frequently wins at gambling, he always hits the jackpot. 2v To massacre;die or perish (as of many). Ko du-on nighimatoy to songo lunggunan, nagulò to mangayow no natibò namatoy. When there was someone who killed a family, the raiders massacred [them] and everyone died.
gulub 1v To make a noise or a racket. 2Noisy.
gulunggulung vi A gurgling noise of water being poured out of a bamboo water pole.
guma n Rubber.
gumangkal v Tinny, clattering sound.
gumulonting n A large yellow camote.
gumutan n Old man (poet.); joker [A frequent character of stories who does things that are stupid and/or impossible such as drinking up the water of a whole river. His antiques provide a lot of laughs.]
gungo-gungò adj Wobbly, as a loose tooth.
gunow 1v To stir around a liquid. 2Eggbeater. 3v ??? Inat to pagunawaan din dò ka allow. It's as if he ???
gunsiling v To roam around buying horses.
gunting n Scissors, cut with scissors.
gunù v To pick a tree to cut down the fruit (dulian, coconuts).
gupal v To chop nto pieces as chicken the bones of which are also cut through. Niggupal on woy nigtaladtalad dan on woy impa-abin dan ka ulu to nigbaba to sikan no babuy They cut the meat up and then divided it nto shares and then they had the person who carried the pig on his back take the head. Ko oggupalon ka dulian, ogporion ta. When we chop the dulian fruit, we cut it in half lengthwise. [A heavier knife is generally used to strike and cut the meat or fruit. With chicken and mets, the pieces are chopped crosswise but the dulian fruit is split as it is cut in half vertically.; Contrasts with slicing as meat is struck with a sharp instrument as a heavy knife.] osyn: gotad 1; osyn: gotad 3, pisang 1; gen: tampod 1.
gupit phr.: ginupit to murus. 1n Scissors, to cut with scissors. 2A village on the Liboganon river between Bonol and Suo-on.
gusgus v To shake so that water will drip off (as spaghetti or lagas).
gusì₂ v split or open up as a log?? Sawoy no wà din dod gusi-a. Oggusi-on tad ka galung ta no pula no ogkito-on tad ka moon-ing no alibutod no og-aliboodbood on. We split/open up the knotched pula palm log and then we see many grubs which are squirming.
gusì₁ v ?? Sawoy no wà din dod gusi-a. He/she insulted [someone] because he had not yet split ??[the wood]