Ata Manobo - English



siksik 1v To call a person’s attention by calling whsst. 2To scratch head with the ball of the fingers, or to preen feathers, as a bird.
siku 1n Elbow. 2A pattern on a carved comb resembling bent elbows. 3long
siku-an n A bamboo stick, slit on both ends, used in weaving.
sikuat v To steal land from someone.
sikuoy v To straighten out legs when sitting or lying.
sikut Have pity on; to give.
sil-ap v Glance, see out of corner of eye. Nasil-apan ku. I glanced at [it] out of the corner of [my] eye.
silab 1v To burn, as brush or grass, or a house. 2Completely burnt field.
silag v To be angry or have jealous resentment. see fr.: ima 1.
silak v To sprinkle rain at the same time the sun is shining.
silang 1adj Bright, shiny. 2v To be blinded by the sun as to not be able to see because of the light shining in one's eyes. PH Silangon ki to allow. The sun is shining in our eyes.
silang| see fr.: kilang.
silap v To suffer a surface cut in which a portion of skin is cut away. [If skin is deliberately removed for a skin graft, DB said this would also be silap.]
silì n Type of edible shell fish which adheres to rocks or wood.
sili-an n A kind of basket (liang) woven by strands of three and has a pattern on four sides.
silib 1v To sneak up on a person or animal, lie in wait Siibon to bakosan ka manuk. The python is sneaking up on the chicken. [Such as to sneak up or lie in wait such as to evesdrop on what is being said in someone's house, or to sneak up on someone in order to to attack from an ambush, or to sneak up on someone in play to startle them.] 2v To eavesdrop. 3deriv n spy
siling v To have one crossed eye.
silit n A belt buckle.
silok v To choke on something liquid.
silò 1v To rise, as of sun or moon. [The sun newly shines in the morning or after a rain when it comes out from behind a cloud. This may not be two meaning senses to the Manobo.] ant: salop; ant: tangkob 1. 2v Newly shine, as the sun after a rain. ant: halomhom. 3n East 4v To be shined on by the sun. [This applies to any time of day, whether morning, noon or afternoon.] syn: ogkalayagan.
silsil v 1To radiate, as heat. Ka batò no ogsubla ka mo-init to lawa, ogsilsil ka mo-init. Mo-init ko ogdagkot ta ka bolad ta diò to lawa rin. As for the child whose body is excessively hot, the heat radiates. When we touch our hand to his body it is hot. 2To sear or scorch as with heat. Ko ogsandag ki no igsugbù ta ka ngalap, ogsilsil ka mo-init. Oglagsik ka mantika no ogkasubukan to ngalap. When we are frying something and we put the meat [in the pan], the heat sears [the meat]. Ko mo-ugtu on ka allow, ko oghipanow ki diò to pantad no olin lanok, ko ogdi-ok ki, ogsilsil on ka mo-init to pa-a ta no ogko-iling to ogkatutung. DB Dic Nt 11/Nov/2007. When the sun is at it's zenith, if we walk on the beach which is all sand, when we step [on it], the heat scorches our feet which is like being burned. 3To chip off, as when removing a portion of an impacted tooth. Ko ogsilsilon ka ngipon, ogmo-omul no ogkabarut. If the tooth is chiseled off, it will be easier to pull out. see: salin 2; see fr.: salin 1.
silut n Small, carved wooden spoon.
simag v 1To stay just one night at some location, either returning home the next day or continuing on one's journey. 2To visit other villages all the time.
siman n Name of a creek with icy cold water.
simana 1n Week. see fr.: pitu 4. 2Weekly, that is by the week. Ka otow no ogtalabao diò to mariù, kara simana og-ulì. Ogsinimana og-ulì ka otow diò to pamilia rin. The person who works far away, each week he will return home. The person will return home weekly.